What is the difference between an inverter and a UPS?

Inverters and UPS are used to eliminate any blackout due to electricity shorted. Most of us call both the technology one and the same because of its job of restoring the electricity.

But there are many differences to compare both. Here is a complete comparison table.

BackupThe backup of an inverter is fast, but not fast as fast UPS.The backup of a UPS is quick, it doesn’t let you know the switch.
Time lagTime lag is ~500 milliseconds; not suitable for sensitive work.Time lag is less than 10 milliseconds; makes it suitable for sensitive work.
VoltageInvert has wide voltage range. Fluctuates at 180 V ~ 260 V.UPS maintains voltage with less range. Fixed at 220 V with little fluctuation.
CircuitThe inverter usually comprises of two things i.e. inverter and controller.UPS system commonly consists of three things i.e. rectifier/charger, inverter and controller.
SizeInverters come in 16 kVA.UPS comes in maximum of 2 kVA.
PriceInverters are less expensive.UPS is costlier and bulkier too.

Based on above comparison you can identify yourself what you need.

The Inverter is more suitable to back up basic home appliances like fans, lights, chargers, and motors. But the inverter fails to back up sensitive appliances like computers. So if you are considering computers better go with UPS without any discussion.

I hope this article would be helpful for you to decide what you want. Even if you have any doubts in your mind let us know in the comment section below.

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