Can inverters save electricity?

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An Inverter or in other words a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is a power backup solution when there is an electricity outage.

Inverters are useful when you live in the area where power outages are common and you need a 24×7 power supply for your appliances.

Although we have a 24×7 power backup, still, it is common to get a thought that could inverters save on the monthly electricity bill?

TL;DR… Inverters are not made to save electricity, but to offer uninterrupted power supply during an outage.

Inverter / UPS

The main job of an inverter is to charge the battery bank when there is grid electricity available and discharge battery bank when there is an outage. Here inverter directly wastes some amount of electricity doing all sorts of conversions from AC to DC for charging and again DC to AC while discharging. So, it is clear that inverters are not for saving electricity but to offer power backups.

So, if you’re planning to save a monthly electricity bill better look for alternative inverter solutions like a hybrid solar inverter or convert your existing inverter into a solar inverter using charge controller.

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