Upgrade Your Customer Service to Boost Sales

Nowadays, companies are more customer-centric, focusing on the positive experience resulted from a consumer’s use of a service or product. According to HubSpot Research, 93% of consumers will repeat purchases with companies, which provide great customer service.

What’s more, Temkin Group highlights that 77% of customers share positive user-experiences on social media or review sites.

Today’s consumers don’t just purchase services or products, they buy into an entire experience. So, here’s a list of 4 ways to upgrade your customer service to boost sales.

Customer Service

Train Your Customer Service Team

The quality of your customer service starts with the team. Make sure you hire the right professionals and focus on the right skills.

A good customer service professional must excel in communication, empathy, patience, and knowledge about the product or service your company provides.

Your customer support rep must handle all sorts of customers, who may be confused or difficult. These clients must be treated professionally and with patience.

Good communication skills help your employees explain what they mean in a clear manner. They should always seek to satisfy the customer and conduct the conversation in a positive tone. Also, make sure that your team knows everything about the product or services you offer. This way, they can convey the right information to your customers.

Understand Your Consumers

To offer great customer service, you must first learn about their needs and pains. Ensure that you offer a variety of ways to help customers share their feedback.

For example, social media channels, emails, telephone surveys. You can create a complaint system, which will enable your customers to highlight any issues. You’ll understand your customers’ good and bad experiences when interacting with your business. Through clear insights into how your business is performing, you can make the required changes.

Multi-Channel Customer Service Support

Omnichannel customer support will improve your brand’s interaction with your consumers. Your clients should be able to enjoy top-quality customer support through mobile devices, self-service or social media.

When your consumers are on-the-go, they expect to enjoy excellent customer support. Make sure that your support team and pages are mobile-friendly.

Because social media is at the forefront of sharing experiences about brands, consumers often post complaints or queries about a company on social platforms.

So, you can bridge any gap between your company and your consumers by responding and resolving these queries in the least time possible.

Another effective way to fix minor problems your customers are facing is to prepare an FAQ page. Post relevant information about fixing common problems and keep the page updated. Offer efficient guides and use simple steps so your clients can fix the problems immediately.

Offer Multiple Parcel Delivery Windows

Consumers require tight delivery segments on a certain day, with notifications sent before the parcel delivery is made. Allow your customers to choose a delivery date, time and different options to receive the parcels.

Implement an access system for buildings to enable easier deliveries. This way, customers can receive their parcels safely even when they’re not home.

You can also set up different delivery points and lockers where customers can pick up their packages during a certain period.

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