Tier 3 Internet Service Providers in India

Tier 3 ISP (Internet Service Provides) are those that take internet connectivity to the last mile. They could be your local cable operator or a broadband service company.

Tier 3 ISP buys bandwidth in bulk from Tier 2 ISP and shares among its subscribers by a cost to bandwidth ratio; the more you’ll pay, the more speed you’ll get.

Internet Speed

The best thing with Tier 3 ISP is that you can get it very easily as limited legal paperwork is required while the connection is cheaper compared to Tier 2 networks.

But we lose a few things like:

  • No dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) address, you’ll be offered a local IP address.
  • All the ports are blocked, which means you can not use the internet for business.
  • Since the connection is shared among the neighbors, bandwidth could fluctuate during peak hours when every shared user is using the capacity at full scale.
  • Less reliable, because downtimes are common due to a single point of failure.

In India, there are almost unlimited tier 3 ISP, we cannot list them. Note that our Indian telecoms are also a tier 3 ISP if they give us a home broadband connection.

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