Tier 2 Internet Service Providers in India

Tier 2 ISP (Internet Service Providers) plays an important role in distributing internet connectivity from submarine cables to land masses, they can sell their bandwidth to businesses, data centers, enterprises, offices, and even consumers.


Since tier 2 ISP manages everything on the ground they handle all the telecommunication roles in a country. They often share most of the bandwidth to Tier 3 ISP for redistribution at a cheaper rate. In India we have numbers of Tier 2 ISP, some famous ones are:

No.Tier 2 ISPSubscribers
2Reliance Jio167,027,305
3Vodafone Idea142,068,179
5ACT Fibernet1,518,853
9You Broadband785,284
10GTPL Broadband Pvt. Ltd.325,927
11Excitel Broadband Pvt. Ltd.319,323
Best ISP by total subscribers as on 31 December 2019

The best thing is India just got a high bandwidth boost in recent years when Reliance Jio entered in the telecom market and created a revolution in the business of internet.

Some notable ISP like RailTel also joined the initiative of connecting India’s unreached locations with a pan-India fiber-optic network following the railway track.

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  1. Rijhu Sinha Avatar
    Rijhu Sinha

    Hello Atul sir,

    An Awesome post. Thanks a lot sir for your complete research and sharing this useful piece of information with us. I really appreciate the way you explained all these making the concept very easy and very simple to understand even for those who does not have any idea about all these.

    All the various Tier 2 ISP you mentioned are very important as they handle all the tele communication roles in a country. Few of these ISP are known to me but few like ACT Fibernet, HathWay, APSFL, You Broadband and Excitel are new to know. Keep sharing your valuable words.

    Thanks & Regards,