The Internet is Under Huge Strain Due to Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus has a huge impact on the world’s economy, every country is facing the issue of Coronavirus lockdown.

If you’re thinking will it affect the internet speed as well, then you’re right! Due to the heavy consumption of the internet by all the home quarantine users, the bandwidth is insufficient for many ISPs and to tackle this issue they are throttling the maximum speed.

Internet Speed
Internet Speed

This is a catastrophic event that has also affected the big players too.

  • YouTube has set the default resolution to 480 Pixels.
  • Porn websites are offering premium content for free.
  • Netflix’s regular consumption has increased a lot.

Decreasing video resolution can save a huge bandwidth, while 480P is a decent resolution for regular videos. However, YouTube is allowing users to see higher resolution videos manually.

Video streaming services consume alone 40% of the world’s traffic.

From the business side of view, employees who can work from home from the internet also uses a lot of data.

Telecom companies like Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio suggested using the data carefully so that everyone can use it.

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