Virtual Private Network

How to use a VPN to avoid sports blackouts?


Sports blackouts have been long existing. They prevent sporting events from being shown by a media hub per shareholder agreements. It results from a contract between the content owners and the broadcasting company. When a game has been scheduled to air at a particular time, your inability to view it even when you visit a […]

How to unblock sites in restrictive countries?


Just moved to a restrictive country like Russia and China and are upset you can’t access your favorite sites? No problem – here’s how to bypass all firewalls.

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? Why Use it and Do You Really Need One?


Get out of the US and try to log into Netflix. Can you? Well technically you can, but can you watch all US-based programs? I doubt it. So, what’s the solution available to such a situation? What if there is a really important program that you need to watch and it can’t wait? That’s where […]

How to Hide Your IP Address? (And Why You Might Want To)


Almost everything about us is numerically systemized to create some order. Assigning numbers has also proved effective in identifying things, places, and people. We have the social security number, identification number, and also postal address to identify us in real life. On the internet, the IP address serves the same purpose. What is an IP […]

Are VPNs Really Secure?


Many feel motivated to use VPNs for a variety of purposes. You might be living under the autocratic rule where the use of social media or certain sites is banned. Or it can be done to protect privacy. Especially when you are browsing sites that you don’t want your parents, spouse or siblings to know. […]

How to stay anonymous online? Here’s how you can do it!


Millions of internet users are actively seeking protection from online threats and for a good reason. The rising numbers of cyber attacks and security breaches have got people concerned about their privacy on social media and the internet in general. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms encourage users to share personal details, such as […]

How to Secure Your PC with a VPN?

VPN Security

Just because you key in a password to log into a network it doesn’t mean you are in a safe zone! Router passwords only cannot encrypt your communication or keep your online data safe. Today, phishing, scamming, hacking, and other internet security issues have taken center stage online. A viable rule of thumb is to […]

5 Reasons Why Using Public WiFi is Not Safe

Public WiFi

The universal adoption of Wi-Fi has had a significant impact on how everyone uses the Internet for both recreational and work-related reasons. Individuals often set up a private network at home so they can easily use the Internet on mobile devices, while many businesses now offer free and open networks letting their visitors use the […]