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5 types of content to increase traffic and attract attention to your site

Published by Julia Turner on December 5, 2018.
Write Evergreen Content

The business marketplace is dependent on content. In fact, it has always been so because the content is the universal communication between brands and customers. Text matter of a document or publication in any form. Content is both information and communication: the total sum of the freshness, readability, relevance, and usefulness of the information presented, […]

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What are the breakthrough resources for content creation?

Published by Atul Kumar Pandey on August 27, 2018.
Content Creation

Content marketing consists of any kind of marketing activity. Search engine optimization is an important aspect of content marketing. In order to content market, there are many companies who will have a blog. These blogs help to brand the company’s image. In this article, we will discuss what content marketing is, how to content market, […]

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Content marketing tips only experts know

Published by Atul Kumar Pandey on June 6, 2018.
Content Marketing

What’s your first thought when you read articles about becoming a better content marketer? You understand all those tips and they are perfectly logical, but you start wondering: “Is This What Content Marketing Experts Do?” Experts always have a different approach than the majority in their field. That’s exactly why they are successful. All content […]

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How to never run out of content ideas? Even when you blog daily!

Published by Atul Kumar Pandey on December 21, 2017.
Content Ideas

Most businesses have website blogs. Blogging is an easy way to provide useful information to a target audience and increase site traffic. In addition, blogs serve as ideal content for social promotions and marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a hair salon or a web design agency, visitors to your website are looking for information. Doesn’t it […]

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How to fix duplicate content using canonical tag?

Published by Atul Kumar Pandey on November 16, 2017.
Duplicate Content

Duplicate content always results in a SEO penalty which is like a nightmare for bloggers and internet marketers because recovering from SEO penalty is not so easy. Every newbie, after entering in the world of blogging first starts copying content from other sites and finally it results into SEO penalty. So, it is bad thing […]

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What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

Published by Atul Kumar Pandey on August 17, 2014.

Search Engine Optimization, in short SEO, is all about making a website SEO-friendly so that search engines like Bing, Google, etc. are able to access and index a website and its contents easily. By implementing the necessary SEO steps you help search engines to increase the visibility of your website. Without optimizing a website for […]

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