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What’s your first thought when you read articles about becoming a better content marketer? You understand all those tips and they are perfectly logical, but you start wondering: “Is This What Content Marketing Experts Do?” Experts always have a different approach than the majority in their field. That’s exactly why they are successful.

Content Marketing

All content marketers are aware of the importance of unique, high-quality content published in regular patterns. The biggest factor that differentiates marketing gurus is their ability to implement the right practices into their mental framework.

In the continuation of this content, you’ll find 10 content marketing tips that have worked for the best players in the field, even we have tried all of them.

01. Write a strategic headline.

The headlines that go viral don’t seem like they have anything in common. When you observe them in random patterns, you’ll notice that they belong to different niches.

However, they do have something in common: the magnetic headlines lure the reader to click the link on social media and visit the page to see what it’s actually about. Learn how to achieve the ‘curiosity’ gap through your headlines and awaken the emotions of potential readers. That’s how you marketing gurus crack the code.

02. Experiment with segmentation.

The Internet offers tons of opportunities, but it’s also an extremely busy environment where you can easily get lost. For smaller brands and startups, segmentation is the key to success.

You should target a very specific community of internet users. Include links to industry blogs in your content, write guest posts for popular blogs in the niche, incorporate long-tail keywords, and attract your target reader via social media. All content marketers know they should focus on a target audience, but most of them don’t realize that the segmentation needs to be very narrow and all the experiments must be started from the initial days.

03. Stick to your style guide.

You can’t use both email and email in your posts. Do you use they to refer to someone without a specified gender, but they you continue with he/she and you gradually proceed with he?

If you can’t maintain a consistent style, you will just frustrate the readers who decide to proceed beyond the headline. You need to determine a style guide that will enable you to write, proofread and format all articles properly.

04. Do not follow the trends blindly.

Have you ever wondered why BuzzSumo, Forbes, HubSpot and other content providers are so popular? They don’t just follow trends; they create them! You don’t have to replace all text on your page with videos just because such content is huge at the moment. You don’t have to suffocate the blog with infographics and forget all about the initial purpose you had when you started the content marketing campaign. Your audience is the only factor that matters. Instead of being blinded by trends, you should always test the preferences of your audience. If a particular trend is not popular among them, step away from it and continue providing the type of content they are interested in.

05. Turn to employee generated content.

A company can gain the trust of its target audience only if it proves the expertise of its employees. Do not limit your content marketing campaign to advertising. You need to offer something more than the competition: knowledge. That’s what employee generated content is all about. The company’s experts can build a base of content with high value for the customers’ lifestyles. For example, if you’re promoting a dental clinic, the employees can make contributions with brief, clear posts about dental issues and solutions.

06. Measure the results.

Content marketing is a great investment. Even if you’re writing content for your own brand, you are still investing time and energy into the project. If you don’t measure the results, how will you identify the return on that investment?

It is very important to analyze the major factors: content format, message, promotional efforts, and distribution channel. Your performance in these areas will indicate your effectiveness. If the return is not impressive, you need to adjust your strategy.

07. Delegate!

Did you really think that content marketing gurus created all content for the campaigns they were in charge for? Nope, they delegate! If you really want to achieve great success as a content marketer, you need to find the right people for the right type of content. Sometimes it’s impossible to work according to the schedule and make your readers happy when you don’t have the needed expertise on the topics they are interested in.

That’s when you need a services which will enable you to provide clear instructions and collaborate with an expert writer from the relevant niche.

08. Don’t write news.

As a content marketer, you should certainly inform your audience about the trends and occurrences in the area you cover. However, journalistic style is not the perfect option for content marketing. You would have to write the same things that have already been published on multiple other websites. If you’re not a journalist who explores the industry and gets direct news from influentials, then don’t bother rewriting the same reports your audience has already seen.

Your content should go beyond dry reports of facts. You should explain why the particular news is significant for the industry and how it will reflect upon the lives of your readers.

09. Listen to the complaints; do something about them!

Aren’t you just frustrated when your readers, followers and customers have complaints about the posts you are publishing? That means you’re doing something wrong.

In reality, you should be happy when you get negative comments. It means you got attention and valuable feedback that can make you better. Complaints will give you ideas for some of the best posts you’ll ever publish. Do not expect to get unconditional love by your readers. Listen to them!

10. Figure out content promotion before content creation.

Your logic tells you that you should first plan and create the content, and then you’ll think about promotion? You’ll benefit from a reverse strategy. Think about the platforms you are using for content promotion. Who would share a post and comment on it? Why? The answers to these questions will lead you towards a shareable topic.

After all, the right strategy gives more value to your content. Your main responsibility as a marketer is to provide valuable content that will make a difference for the readers. The above-listed tips will help you promote those posts to the right audience and achieve more effectiveness through your campaign.

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