Should you buy Premium WordPress themes or use free ones?

WordPress is a powerful blogging and Content Management System that can be used for creating both websites and blogs. The reason it gained popularity is the sheer convenience it offers in developing your site by selecting from countless themes.

Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are a set pattern for your blog. From business WordPress themes to entertainment, music and finance themes; you name it and you will find it. WordPress themes can be free or premium. The question that you may ask is: why use premium WordPress themes when free ones do the job too? Let’s find out top 5 reasons you should prefer premium WordPress themes over free ones.

1. Reliability

A premium theme ensures that you get what you paid for and also receive regular updates for your theme to avoid any bugs. Free ones are rarely upgraded, and are sometimes even rendered useless if a latest WordPress update doesn’t support their old features. Premium themes save you this hassle.

2. Support

Say you have a small business for which you need a business theme for WordPress. There are both free and premium ones on offer. The free ones come with no strings attached. Therefore, if in the future you get stuck with a technical problem that you cannot figure out on your own, you have to hire a developer for it. You can’t afford to halt your website activity till you find a way around it. Of course, the developer you did not pay to get your theme will not help you out, while makers of a paid theme are bound by your purchase of their product to provide continual technical support.

3. To Stand Out from the Crowd

We all know that good free stuff does not last long in stock. It’s the same with the free themes. The good ones become common so fast that your website may start resembling multiple others before you know it. Premium WordPress themes give you the advantage of uniqueness. As premium themes have a greater variety, lesser usage and more customization options, you can really make your website stand out from the crowd. And let’s face it, all the best features for your website to shine will come at a price!

4. Security

Free themes, and specially third-party ones (the ones not present in the WordPress themes directory) can be filled with malicious code and loopholes that can be exploited to cost you later on. Premium themes come with multiple options to make them secure and hack-free, and even these options get updated regularly with each new WordPress update. This makes them more secure and gives you the peace of mind that comes with buying one.

5. Look at it Differently

Let’s say you decide to create a website for your business. If you want all the premium features of one of the great business themes for WordPress, without actually paying the price for it, you have to design the website from scratch. For that you hire coders to code for it from scratch. We all know that what you pay them will be much higher than the cost of a great premium WordPress theme. Moreover, most premium themes are created keeping the best SEO practices in mind, so you don’t have to work hard making your site SEO friendly. So, explore your options, go for the premium themes for your blog or website. Be it for your business, blog, entertainment, directory, real estate, you can find multiple options to suit all your needs.

Now that you have an excellent theme, make sure you do not compromise on hosting. Compare the best hosts and find one that suits your requirements.

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