How to remove sticky tape residue from glass?

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Yes, you had taped a couple of memorable pictures on your house window, and now you want to remove them. There are high chances you successfully removed them, but you left adhesive tape or sticky tape residue on the glass. How do you remove the sticky residue and the clean-up process is not a mean task?

Well, if you find yourself in such a situation, worry no more because there are several solutions to help you clean up the mess.

Remove sticky residue from glass

In this detailed article, you will learn about essential ways to remove adhesive tape mess from your window, leaving it crystal clear. So, read on to find out!

What are the required tools?

  • Tissues.
  • Scraper.
  • Window cleaning solution.
  • Bucket.
  • Microfiber cloth.
  • Sponge.

With just an ordinary cleaning solution and a piece of cloth, it’s impossible to eradicate the mess. It would help if you used a scraper to eliminate the sticky marks. Also, make sure you choose the scraper designed for windows since there are countless options in the market. If not, you may cause extra damage that was not there before.

After removing the tape clutters, it’s essential to give your windows a comprehensive clean. Eliminating the tape only isn’t sufficient as it leaves some glue attached to the window. Consequently, it may end up attracting dust.

Using chemical solvent to remove tape marks.

You will get some DIY (do-it-yourself) window cleaning solutions in the market. So, ensure you invest in the best solvent if you want to give your window the best clean. Additionally, it’s recommended to invest in purified water and special window cleaning solutions. Some cleaning products you may need to consider include:

  • Strong alcohol (handle with care as it can decolor stuff).
  • Degreasing products with some D-Limonene.
  • The products comprise kerosene, and petroleum, such as paint thinning agents, liquid naphtha, and mineral spirits.
  • Penetrating oils like WD-40.
  • Acetone or plain nail polish remover.
  • The store furniture polish.

Below are the steps to follow:

First step: Put warm water into a bucket and prepare an ordinary cleaning solution. Empty a general cleaning detergent into the solution.

Second step: Add your preferred chemical solution. Sprinkle onto the tape residue or use a piece of cloth. As a precaution, it’s advisable to put on protective gloves when dealing with chemical solutions as it could be allergic to skin-sensitive individuals.

Third step: Gently and cautiously scrape the tape residue with a scraper to avoid causing any lines or scratches. Continue scraping until no mark is left. If it needs to be, consider applying extra solvent.

Fourth step: Dip a piece of cloth into the cleaning solution and wash the window systematically. Using a sponge, carefully wipe away the soapy water. Start from one side to the other. Continue repeating the process until the window is crystal clear.

Fifth step: If water is dripping from the window frames, use tissues to dry it, and leave some extra tissues handy. Wiping and managing the windows may leave some stains.

Using paint thinner to eliminate the tape residues.

The fact that paint thinner dissolves wall paint means removing tape residue is a walk in the park. So, apply thinner on the sticky glue and wait for a couple of minutes. Look for a piece of cloth and rub the remaining residue. Keep in mind that it may be worth wearing a mask as this cleaning process is fairly smelly.

Use nail polish remover to eliminate tape marks.

Just like paint thinner, nail polish remover has incredible dissolving properties. So, get a piece of cloth and pour the polish remover on it. Wipe the tape glue, and the process is complete. If the gluiness fails to go away completely, try using a razor blade to remove it carefully. What’s more, the nail polish remover is fairly smelly like the paint thinner.

Use of household items to eliminate tape messes.

Several DIY ‘hacks’ you can use if you do not want to use chemical solutions to remove tape glues from your window.

Here are the best and most effective methods:

Use a hair dryer to melt away the glue.

Although it sounds pretty strange, using a hairdryer is really effective in eliminating any tape. The secret in this method is the heat produced by a hairdryer. Basically, a direct blow toward the tape makes it mushy and easy to remove. Therefore, consider heating the affected section for around 45 seconds.

Use cooking oil.

Yes, it works, although it sounds weird! The use of petroleum-based products, like canola oil, olive oil, or even coconut oil comes in handy dissolving sticky items.

So, apply oil onto the tape residue, wait for a few minutes, and then use a razor blade to scrape the mess gently. Be cautious while handling sharp tools.

Use plain vinegar or baking soda.

The acid in vinegar is useful in eradicating any sticky mess, grime, or any other typical dust. So, make a solution of apple cider vinegar with water and apply it to the residue. On the other hand, if you want to use baking soda, mix it with lemon juice and equal vegetable oil components and apply it to the residue.

Lastly, you can use boiling water as it melts away the residue or even apply peanut butter and carefully scrape away the mess with a razor.

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