How to fix the mouse is double-clicking when clicked once?

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I recently upgraded my whole computer system except the keyboard and mouse because I bought them just a few months back, and after using it further over a year, the keyboard is still working fine while the mouse was behaving weirdly. The mouse was double-clicking whenever I clicked once. Without a double I checked the mouse settings first.

But no settings were changed, no system update was completed recently.

It was directly indicating a hardware failure, very likely due to a heavy use. As, I have used this mouse roughly for high-end gaming and utilized all the features at it best.


So I have only 2 solutions here, and trust me you won’t like doing the 2nd one, but techies will definitely love to do it on their own risk.

Solution #1: Buy a new mouse. Obviously!

Since it is a hardware failure, there is nothing you could do, unless you are comfortable with our solution number 2. Get a new mouse, but this time one with a way longer warranty.

Solution #2: Fix the mouse button on your own.

In this solution you have to open the mouse and take out its board for a repair. The mouse buttons are microswitches, a miniature form of a switch, and you have to replace that faulty microswitch with new one in order to fix the issue. You can buy it on any local shop, online at a very cheap price, or you can extract that microswitch from an old mouse.

All you need to desolder the faulty one and solder the new one.

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