How often should one upgrade or buy a new computer system?

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In this article, I will discuss some important keynotes about how often should one upgrade or completely buy a new computer system. I want to highlight some keynotes on this topic because it becomes necessary today to understand the value of electronics, ways to minimize the unnecessary buying of newer components.

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Let’s start from the origin…

In 2019-2020, most of us started thinking about the electronic wastes we generate just by early upgrading or buying new computers just to be latest. Pandemic causes a halt in the supply of resources, and it becomes impossible for technology companies to do mass production of even smaller necessary components.

In 2021, we are already facing some significant issues like — shortage of semiconductors. Due to this, not only our computer systems but automobile industry also affected. On top of that, forget about 5G deployment.

So where we are going, what to do?

  1. Limit the demand.
  2. Limit the electronic wastage.
  3. Need of a recycle system.

Now come to the main topic,

How often should I upgrade a computer system?

Until and unless your work is not affected, there is no need for an upgrade. Try to save and invest your money.

What most we can do is upgrade CPU, RAM, Hard Drives, etc. whenever there is need of that.

So, when should I buy a new computer system?

Followings should be the reason:

Once upgrade is not a feasible solution, or upgrade itself more costly than the new system, go for buying a new computer system. I’ll recommend selling your old system to some needy one if no use for you.

Once you buy a new computer system, try to use it for at least 5-6 years. Later, look for upgrade solutions.

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