How to Choose a Domain Name?

A business without an online presence is deemed to be operating below its full capacity. This is because, whether you like it or not, there are many opportunities and the probability of reaching a wider client base when you have an online presence.

 Choose Domain Names

This then leads you to your next question, how do you choose the best domain name for your business? Which domain name resonates better with the web? Which is the most enticing domain name and the easiest name to remember? With this in mind, you will have to choose the best domain name with the following rules in mind:

Choose a unique domain name

You wouldn’t want your business domain to be confused with another business by a big majority of your customers, would you? You should, therefore, come up with a unique, but simple domain name that will be easily picked up and not confused with your competitors’.

Include top keywords

The most important online marketing and advertising strategy is having a search engine optimized page, which will be possible if you include the website’s keywords in the domain name. That is the starting point in the search for your store and you should, therefore, have the right, unique keywords. Include at least two phrases or words.

Keep the domain name short and simple

Simplicity is emphasized in various areas of life and this isn’t avoidable for your online business. For simplicity purposes, avoid using hyphens or numbers in the domain name. When buying an expired domain from a site like Juicy Domains, you should avoid expired domain names with hyphens and/or numbers.

Determine if the expired domain name is a spam or not

The most unfortunate part about online business and obtaining a domain name is the fact that there are various spammy domain names that have expired and if you aren’t keen, then you will be affected by the spammed links.

There are various spam-identification tools online that you can utilize free of charges to ascertain if the domain name is spammed or not.

Spammed links

It has been mentioned severally that you must select an expired domain name with history. The old name could have spammed links and backlinks that will affect the integrity of your website online.

Majestic SEO has the Historic Index tab, which is effective in determination of spam links.

Check the Google AdSense ban

Google AdSense bans domains that aren’t compliant with its rules. An expired domain could have been banned by Google AdSense and if you purchase such an account, you will waste your money on the purchase. AdSense bans must be checked for sites.

Check the domain authority

This is the strongest metric for determining the ranking power of the domain name or the site. A good domain has a ranking of above 20. A high Domain Authority is essential for websites that need high SEO and high traffic.

In conclusion, for the best-expired domain name, you should carry out thorough research on the spams, the domain authority, and the trust flow. To keep clients, use simple domains with keywords.

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