How Much Personal Information Should You Share with Your Readers?

Privacy is Dead and We Killed it
Privacy is Dead and We Killed it

You might be thinking of how intimacy with the reader can be a question of concern. Since if a blogger will be more personal with readers, there are more chances that he/she will be able to retain readers for long. No doubt, this fact is correct, but somehow too much intimacy with the reader can also be disadvantageous for your blogging career.

There are definitely certain factors which need to be considered before sharing your personal experiences and point of views with readers. This article is dedicated to helping you in this particular concept of blogging.

How to connect with readers?

  • First of all, you must be well aware of methods to get connected with your audience. Since getting personal with your readers makes them feel that you are giving importance to each of them and offering information for as per their requirement.
  • Sharing your personal stories, experiences, and views with your readers makes them feel personal. No matter if it is not a personal blog, even in a niche blog, you can share your personal point of view that is relevant to your blog post content.
  • People are more passionate about sharing their views about current happenings, politics, technology, spirituality, religion, etc. and you may find hundreds of such blogs and forums online where people get involved in debates and discussions. A good idea is to utilize such platforms and share your personal opinions and get indulged in more and more personal communication with people.
  • Surely, you will be getting comments on your various blog posts regularly. So don’t limit yourself by just going through those comments, but always respond to all the comments to let your readers know that there is a human being noticing their views and opinions. Your responsiveness will make readers feel that you are personally addressing them.
  • Utilizing video, images, and more visual content in combination with text also make readers feel a humanitarian presence.

Advantages of being personal with readers

  • One of the most important advantages of being personal with readers is that your readers will enjoy reading you as a personal being.
  • If you will share your personal experiences with your audience, there will be an environment of trust between you and them. Since your personal life experiences can seem much more interesting to people.
  • Communicating personally with readers through comments enhances the growth of your audience or blog community.

Disadvantages of being personal with readers

Since it is natural that all readers will not be of the same mentality and thinking level. So it is obvious that all of your readers may not take your intimacy with them positively. As a result, there are certain disadvantages associated with being personal with viewers.

  • There will be readers who will not agree with your personal opinion. On finding your opposite in views, they may take your words insulting or impolite, which is not good for your blog’s health.
  • Your too much focus on sharing personal information may mislead you from the topic you are supposed to write on. As a result, people will not be able to find the required information they are expecting and it may lead to lessened interest of readers in your posts.
  • Moreover sharing personal information also puts a question mark on safety issues. As you don’t know what people can do with your personal information. Better disclose only the required information or open speak about personal information safety.

So the idea behind this post is that being a little bit personal as per the need of your content is a necessity for a long-lasting relationship with your readers. But it should also be limited up to a certain level so that it might not hurt your profession.

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