How long does it take to learn coding?

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The craze of learning codes has increased a lot as new generation surpassed the last generation. If you are new to learning programming languages and want to learn how long does it take to learn coding then it depends on the learner itself.

But on average it can take anywhere between 6-12 months to learn the foundations of coding and programming, and be considered an entry-level coder.


Once you create a project, you’ll find some next level of difficulties that leads to you mediocre or hardcore coding. So becoming programmer it itself a learning curve.

Here is rough idea on how much time it takes to learn certain languages.

There are many entry level programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript which is too easy to learn and can be learned in a month or two without much hastle.

Languages like PHP, Python, Java need little advance knowledge thus takes about three to six month to learn and then more practice time to master it.

While computer languages like C++, .Net, Ruby, etc. requires most time to learn and need lifetime work to enhance the skills. But these are highest paying languages.

My own experience!

I personally learned web development my own while developing sites for clients and working in digital marketing firms. So I have learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and some here there languages.

I knew HTML and CSS from college days but it took me alone more than a year to learn JavaScript, PHP, and Python and I’m still learning them to upscale my skills.

Now PHP is my favorite language, I use it for my own many projects. On other side I use Python to automate my work and enhance my productivity.

Currently I’m developing some modern themes using WordPress blocks, that need JSON skills, that I learned in just a month back.

So, in total it really depends on you how you want to learn coding. If you take it like fun loving thing you’ll master it sooner than the normal time.

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