Fun facts about Cannabis — 5 things to know

This article explores five interesting cannabis facts you’ll want to know, and then share with your friends to look cool… even as a nonsmoker.

You’re at a gathering with your friends, and everybody’s showing off how smart they are. Some discuss politics and economics, and some are keener on topics like literature and history. But everybody is drawn towards debating some fun facts about controversial topics like cannabis in some parts of the world. This is your moment to shine and boast about all the fun facts you know about the plant and its effects.


Here are the five things neither you nor your friends knew about cannabis.

1. Cannabis has tons of cool nicknames.

Sure, everybody knows that cannabis is also called “Weed” or “Pot.”

But did you know that this plant has plenty of other cool nicknames? Most likely, not. It is also called Ganja, Grass, Dope, Hash, Reefer, Dagga, Mary Jane, Aunt Mary, Blunt, and Stinkweed.

One of the reasons why the plant has so many nicknames is its illegal status in some parts of the world. Another reason why people named it in so many different ways may be related to the plant’s creativity-sparking benefits.

2. George Washington grew hemp.

Your history-enthusiast friends will definitely find this one interesting.

America’s first president defeated the British and had a significant contribution to creating one of the most powerful nations worldwide. But, when he wasn’t busy doing this, in his free time, he grew hemp. Yet, George Washington didn’t grow hemp to smoke it. The crop was used to make clothes, paper, and rope.

Hemp is a species part of the same plant family as medicinal and recreational cannabis. The only difference is that hemp contains 0.3% or less THC (the substance that gives people the “high” feeling).

3. Cannabis drug classification is a controversial topic.

If you haven’t lived under a rock for your entire life, you’ve heard about cannabis. And, you’ve also heard it next to the word “drug.” So far, so good. But, when you try to dig deeper into understanding what type of drug cannabis is, that’s where things get complicated.

Short answer: cannabis is not merely a depressant, stimulant, or hallucinogen substance. More precisely, it has depressant, hallucinogenic, and stimulant effects but doesn’t fit into any of these categories because users respond in different ways.

4. Cannabis was the first product to be sold online ever.

No, there were no legal stores from where you could buy hash online or other drugs online back in the early 1970s. But, even if it was sold on an illegal black market, it still counts. Students at Stanford University made the sale. They used their ARPANET accounts to contact Massachusetts Institute of Technology students, only to settle on a cannabis sale.

5. Legal Cannabis sale could generate billions in tax revenue.

Many governments around the world are still refusing to decriminalize the use of cannabis. But they are probably doing so because no one told them the numbers. The Cato Institute wanted to estimate what it would mean financially for the federal government to impose taxes on cannabis as it does on cigarettes and alcohol. The study concluded that this would translate into a whopping $8.7 billion annually.

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