Does AMD run hotter than Intel?

I’m not a fanboy of AMD products, but this is something which I get bored of recently. Users ask me that why are you suggesting an AMD build which heats up like toaster.

AMD on Fire
AMD on Fire

In my experience, AMD products do run warmer than Intel, but that doesn’t mean hotter. It is just a couple of celsius up and down. It is on a manufacturer to control the minimum and higher temperatures for a specific CPU or GPU.

The fact is AMD’s CPU, GPU, and any other product that exists are not a toaster. It is a myth which is living around us for many years. AMD with Ryzen refresh improved a lot, before that there were few CPUs that tend to heat much but not that much to kill itself. The same thing applies to GPU as well, however as of 2020 NVIDIA has better GPUs.

Also, there are CPUs with higher TDP which is made for editing or gaming purposes and they get hotter if you are using a basic or stock cooler. To obtain small sample data we ran some tests on our office desktops, and we found that under an average load almost every system was around 50-65 degrees celsius.

To be clear, any CPU which is under load heats up and to dissipate that heating use that stock cooler which came in the CPU box, or you can use an aftermarket cooler.

TIP: Always use at least 2 case fans to cool the chassis and while installing CPU cooler use a high-quality thermal compound with at least 8 W/mK thermal conductivity.


It is a misconception, whoever thinks AMD CPU/GPU is hotter than Intel. No, AMD products are not hotter than Intel, they all just perform similarly.

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