Do Radar Detectors Work?

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To better explain whether or not radar detectors work, first, it’s necessary to explain how they work. That’s because put simply, they don’t all work equally, so the answer to this question is; it’s complicated.

Radar Detector

How Do Radar Detectors Work?

Radar guns work by calculating the distance between two objects.

Because the radar is being pointed at a moving object (your car), the wave that is returned indicates how fast you’re traveling.

That is because it’s returned at a different frequency than it was sent. The radar gun measures the difference in frequency to determine your speed.

Radar detectors can pick up on the specific types of radar including X, K and Ka bands and alerts you when an officer is nearby running radar. Also some radar detectors can pick up on laser alerts as well, allowing you to be more aware and alert of your surroundings and ultimately protecting your driving reputation.

When Radar Detectors Don’t Work?

Radar detectors provide a better driving experience when you find one that works for you.

Your radar detector may not work all of the time if it doesn’t have 360-degree protection. Not all radar detectors do. 360-degree protection ensures you will be given alerts of a radar gun no matter what direction you are being targeted from.

Secondly, radar detectors that cost less than $100 generally do not work as well as high-quality detectors. Less expensive detectors are more prone to false alarms too, especially in urban areas. A premium radar detector will offer you advanced and intelligent technology for quality alerts you can rely on.

Lastly, radar detectors older than a year or so without continuous updates to their software won’t work as effectively, either. Technology improves rapidly and you need to make sure that the purchase you make is up-to-date and provides periodic updates from the manufacturer to keep it working at a maximum level.

Find yourself enjoying a more reliable radar detector packed with useful features like 360° protection, advanced technology, and filtering along with updatable software.

Look before you buy

So, the answer is yes, radar detectors work, but no, they don’t all work equally Now that you have the basic fundamentals down, you now know what it takes to find a quality radar detector.

Do some online shopping for features and pricing. The more knowledge you have about which detectors will suit your needs, the better it will work for you.

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