Best Android Launchers to Customise Your Mobile

Are you sick of staring at age-old icons dominating your Android’s home screen?

Consider installing one of the latest and best android launchers that promise to give your device a total makeover – right from changing its look and feel (via exciting icons or themes) to integrating new functionality like the assistive search, smart folders, and wallpapers.

Best Android Launchers

Should I install the different launcher on my Android mobile?

No, not always if you are satisfied with default one.

Android is open source software for a mobile manufacturer that is why different manufacture offers Android with their own customized skin which is a launcher. But not every launcher is optimized well, for example, XIOMI users always complain about worst UI. This is why we should try out some of the best launchers out in the Play Store.

Here are some of the best Android launchers that will give your phone a different look; every time you want. Make sure you are on the faster internet to test them out.

Google Now Launcher

Its design is minimal, smooth, and near Stock. The wallpapers are really vibrant. The Google Now service gives the necessary information in the form of Google Now cards that are accessible through a right swipe on the main home screen page.

Extremely ‘layman-friendly’, Google Now’s ‘always-on voice’ capability is specifically great. It’s compatible with all devices with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or later.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the most downloaded, most loved, and most trusted launchers. It’s fast, flexible, and extremely customizable. Apart from exciting themes, you get smooth scrolling on the home screen and app drawer. The customizable 2D/3D scroll effects, folder icons, backgrounds and widget control features are commendable.

Nova Launcher is available for free as well as with cost. Nova Launcher Prime the paid version offers more gesture and some unlocked features which are not available in free version.

GO Launcher Ex

Thanks to its numerous themes and widgets, Go EX will completely change the way your home-screen looks. This launcher’s flipping speed is fast and transition effects are amazing. You get an icon pop-up menu, folder and task manager in the app drawer.

The widgets are scrollable, resizable and have gesture support, making the system intuitive and manageable.

Mi Launcher (MIUI)

If you are looking for a fast and stable system, then opt for Mi. It’s user-friendly and boasts of a simple design. Mi’s grid-like layout makes it easier to manage apps. You can choose from over hundreds of themes and wallpapers.

It comes with useful functions, like a cache cleanup key and a toggle panel.

Dodol Launcher

This is the perfect launcher if you want to customize every bit of your home-screen–exactly the way you want. It encompasses icons, themes, wallpapers, widgets and app drawers.

There are copious themes and you can access the apps easily through different tabs.

C Launcher Speedy Brief Launch

C Launcher is a gorgeous and economic launcher that’ll let you reach every distant corner of your phone in seconds. It tracks your phone use (all on-device) to provide contextual suggestions depending on which apps you use in certain locations. C Launcher also includes an in-built system cleaner, and thousands of themes to customize it, or you can create your own using C Launcher’s simple step-by-step guide.

Action Launcher

Action is popular for two features. The first is ‘Sliding Quickdrawer’ that instantly accesses all widgets and apps. The second feature is ‘Shutters’ which allows you to create an app’s widget by just swiping the app’s icon.There is tablet support and the layouts can be backed-up and restored from a micro SD card.

Vire Launcher

Vire adds elements of real-time lighting, 3D transitions and an automatic theme of all UI elements to your phone. It main features are a dynamic grid, widget resizing options, screen and folder manager.

The design is fluid; processing speed is fast and this launcher is tablet friendly.

Yahoo Aviate Launcher

The Yahoo Aviate launcher is not only gorgeous, but smart too! This homescreen anticipates the information and apps that are useful to you based on where you are and what you’re doing. It automatically organizes your apps and information so you can save time and quickly find what you need, when you need it.

360 Launcher

It’s a desktop enhancer that allows the user to change the theme, lock-screen and icon background. The apps can be categorized in user defined folders. There are custom workspace screens and its power saving widget helps you save your battery.

Now in the end we must look something for lock screen.

Cover Lock Screen

With a smart lock screen that gives you the ‘right apps at the right time’, this launcher makes you see new apps and launch them through a swipe. Here, you can easily switch between apps and its smart settings allow different ringer volumes and wallpapers for home, work, car and outdoors.


With new models of smartphones being launched every few weeks, the temptation to buy them goes up. Then, reality bites and wallets scream, reminding you to stay sane and curb the temptation to invest in a new phone. Fortunately, if you can’t change your phone frequently, you can still give it a makeover with the help of these Android launchers, which help you customize your phone with ease.

Choose the android launcher that best suits your requirements and have fun changing your home-screen and app-drawers. Remember, customizing the home screen can be really addictive. But who’s complaining?

So, go ahead and have fun with these launchers for android…

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  1. Jitender Singh Avatar
    Jitender Singh

    Thanks admin for this awesome article. I tested some launchers and I found it’s really helpful for me. I want more articles related best android launchers to improve my skills. Really it’s a awesome blog i found on google ever.

  2. Ajay Kumar Avatar
    Ajay Kumar

    Helpful article Atul, you have mentioned almost all launcher of the android phone which helps us to change the whole look even we could customize each and every part of the android home screen. All launchers are pretty much right, but I personally like Nova launcher

    1. AtulHost Avatar

      Hi Ajay thanks for your feedback, nova launcher is really one of the best launcher which comes with tons of customization options.

  3. Rahul Gupta Avatar
    Rahul Gupta

    Hey Atul, First of all I will say that you Thanks for this awesome article. I tested some launchers and I found it’s really helpful for me. I want more articles related best android launchers to improve my skills. Really it’s an awesome blog I found on google ever.

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      Thanks Rahul for your feedback. Stay tuned with us for regular tech updates.