Amazon music is streaming from another device… but it isn’t!

Most of us use Alexa at home to entertain ourselves and most commonly to listen to songs.

But sometimes Alexa gets confused when we say to play some music and she responds…

Amazon music is streaming from another device. Would you like to stream from this device?

It doesn’t work after this no matter whether you say Yes or No.

How to fix this issue? In this article, we’ll see the common solution which worked for me and most of us.

The easy solution is to deregister your all devices and register back new ones one by one.

You can simply log in to Amazon > Account > Your devices and content > Devices.

Or if you’re already logged in to the Amazon website then click on the below button (save your time).

Make sure you know the exact number of devices on which Amazon is being used.

In my case, I was presented with dozens of devices and apps but actually, only 6 devices were active at that moment, the rest was my old and some gadgets which I scrapped or sold.

Simply click on Amazon devices and Amazon apps installed on devices. (Or you can just choose Amazon music)

Deregister all the devices.

By default I wasn’t shown names of all the devices, it was just showing my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th… device. So it’s better to remove all and log in to every newly used device.

Now you can instruct the Alexa device to play the music, and I’m sure this time she will simply play the music.

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