5 promotional items that are actually useful for office workers

Distribution of promotional products is a great way to get more brand recognition and remind consumers and potential clients what you can do. The right item promotes customer retention and loyalty, generates leads, boosts your brand visibility, and helps you stand out among competitors.

Choosing the right promotional products is essential. If it isn’t practical, people won’t use it, and you will have wasted your marketing budget. Consider your brand and values as well as what your target audience really wants when selecting promotional gifts.

How to choose the best promotional items?

Certain promotional products are useful to most people in most industries.

Promotional items

However, it’s important to consider your particular industry, brand, niche, and other factors when narrowing your options. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Prioritize quality because no one wants more cheap junk that falls apart soon after receiving it as a gift.
  • Consider the useful value of a product. Will people actually use it or just throw it away?
  • Value is important. A free product that promotes your brand should provide value to the person who receives it.
  • Choose something unique and creative that other companies aren’t giving away.
  • Make sure the product matches your brand’s tone, style, and values.

Some of the most useful promotional items never change, like pens or stress balls. Others shift with the times, like masks in the era of COVID.

Here are five of the top products office workers will use in their daily lives:

1. Notebooks.

The world may have gone digital, but papers are always needed. Office and warehouse workers, students, parents, just about everyone still uses paper every day. A notebook with your logo and company information is an inexpensive but valuable product people will use.

What’s so great about a notebook is its vast potential for distribution. Everyone has a use for it, whether at home or at work. People use notebooks to make to-do lists, do grocery shopping, and jot down notes and messages. Get your company information out into the world with this simple product. Make it even more timely and appreciated by selecting an eco-friendly notebook made from recycled materials.

2. Face masks.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made face masks a necessity. Everyone keeps several on hand, in their cars, in purses and pockets, and in their homes and offices. A face mask is a modern, useful promotional material that turns people’s faces into walking billboards.

The Advertising Specialty Institute recently found that most people would be more willing to work with an advertising professional who offered them a promotional mask. The potential for impressions with a face mask advertising your brand is enormous.

3. Cell phone stands and chargers.

A cell phone stand or charger is an excellent option for your employees and higher-end giveaways. Items that make tech devices easier to use are highly useful.

Office workers use these phone stands, and having your logo on them increases your brand’s visibility to clients and consumers. Stands and chargers help them work more efficiently, making these valuable gifts for your workers and others.

4. Wall calendars.

This is a low-tech promotional item that people still use, and yes, calendars are handy for office and cubicle walls. Most people record their events and obligations in digital calendars, but they don’t display them. A wall calendar is helpful for a hurried glance. Some people even prefer a paper calendar to the digital or online option.

Like notebooks, calendars have a broad distribution potential. Everyone from children to retirees can make good use of a wall calendar.

5. Pens.

Pens, like paper, will likely never go out of fashion. A pen, or even a pencil, is an easy and inexpensive way to promote your business. If you’ve spent any amount of time in an office, you’d know that pens are always in use and always needed.

Another great thing about pens is that they move around. People borrow, lend, and inadvertently steal pens all the time. By circulating branded pens, you’ll also circulate your brand and business information far and wide, reaching people you never expected.

The right product is worth the investment.

Many small business owners shy away from promotional items because of the cost. The initial investment may be a little high, but the returns can be huge. Be selective about what you buy to distribute and purchase in bulk.

You’ll get your money’s worth in new leads, brand recognition, and customer loyalty.

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