Why is Linux so dominant in servers and supercomputers?

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We all know Linux failed badly in desktop market but it is leading on the other hand in servers and supercomputers. As new age kids are getting smarter they too start to adopt Linux as their primary operating system.

How come Linux is so dominant in servers?

Linux is an open source software that means anyone can go inside the OS and throw away anything what he don’t need.

Can we do same with any other OS right now?

Probably not, and definitely not with Apple’s MacOS and Microsoft’s Windows.

Just for small humor watch the below video clip…

When things are in production even single second of downtime counts as a loss and that is where Linux wins. IT JUST WORKS!

Why Linux is best for servers?

There are multiple reasons why Linux is so famous, I’m writing common ones.

1. It is a free software.

As you read in the beginning it is open source, means completely free software. Anything what you would be paying is for support by an expert.

2. It is stable and secure.

Linux is stable and secure from kernel level, it doesn’t need any antivirus software to protect your system from hackers.

Even hackers use Linux to save themselves from getting hacked.

3. Minimum hardware is needed.

Linux doesn’t demand too much hardware resources to run itself. A clean installation will hardly requires less than gig of RAM and few GB of storage.

This is the biggest reason why webmasters chose Linux more.

4. Most hardware is supported by the Linux kernel.

Linux support almost every hardware, even the embedded ones.

5. There is a big community to help you.

Facing any issue, cannot figure out what happened?

Just head over to a community they will definitely help you that too for free.

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