WhatsApp to Roll Out New Group Calling Feature

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Is it safe to say that WhatsApp rules the world of communication? It is a yes for us.


What started as a seamless messaging app is now a social media platform with amazing features such as WhatsApp Story, Audio Calling, Video Calling, and more. All this has made the app a must-have for everyone. Taking another step towards making communication easier, during Facebook’s F8 keynote event in May this year, the company announced the launch of the group calling feature. This means that we can make conference calls on WhatsApp very soon.

The feature, as of this date, is available on Android and iOS users can update their app to the latest version to avail it. However, you must note that the feature is not available for everyone right now. Also, Windows users may have to wait a little longer to enjoy it.

WhatsApp, being simple and intuitive, has ensured that the group calling feature is easy to use. Let’s walk through the steps:

  • Start a video or audio call.
  • On the top right, you will see an option to add another participant.
  • Press this button and add whoever you wish would join the call.
  • A notification will go to the person you have invited as well as the person who is already on the call with you.
  • Note that, right now, group calling is only available for a maximum of four participants. Also, you can add just one person at a time. Once the third participant has joined, you have to repeat the process to add the fourth.
  • When the third person has joined, the screen will split into boxes, each box representing a participant.
  • There you go!

Only if you are the host of a call can you invite others to participate. This could probably change in the future with further updates, but as of now, WhatsApp is rolling with this.

Are you excited about the group calling feature? We are!

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