What should you look for when buying a solar battery?

Solar batteries have gained significant importance in today’s time, owing to the factor that these are the core of the solar power revolution. It is a device that stores solar energy for later use to ensure that the appliances keep running during power shortages.

These energy storage systems undoubtedly offer a plethora of benefits ranging from emergency power backup to cost saving, but these are also backed with technical complexities.

Therefore, before making a purchase decision, there are several factors other than solar battery price that you must consider.

Keep scrolling through to know the details regarding these factors.

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Power rating.

The power rating of a solar battery is the kilowatts (kW) of power that the battery can provide in one go. These ratings talk about how many appliances your battery can power all at once. It is expressed in terms of kilowatts (thousands of Watts) or Amps. Solar batteries have two different power ratings, namely,

  • Continuous power rating.
  • 5-minute or instantaneous power rating.

Considering the power rating of the battery and the amount of power that you need for the functioning of your appliances will help you to make an informed buying decision.

Battery size.

A battery size refers to the amount of electricity these batteries can store and supply. The battery size is expressed in kilowatt-hours (kWh), which is calculated by power multiplied by time. Thus, it tells us how long solar batteries can power appliances. Thus, before making a purchase decision, be sure to look for the usable capacity of a battery.

If you use more power, then you will run out of stored electricity since electricity usage is power multiplied by time. The number of batteries that you need for power generation varies widely based on your needs and the appliances that you want to run.

Round trip efficiency.

Roundtrip efficiency of solar batteries tells how many units of electricity you will be able to generate from the battery for each unit of electricity that is put into it. It is a system-level metric that measures the functioning, conversion, and storage of an electricity storage system. Higher roundtrip efficiency is more economical; therefore, always go for them!

Battery lifetime.

The battery’s lifetime is measured in three metrics which include:

  • Expected years of operation.
  • Expected throughput.
  • Expected cycles.

It is a crucial factor that manufacturers compete on apart from solar battery price while designing robust solar batteries.


All solar batteries must meet the safety requirements to be certified for installation. The batteries must be tested for safety and scientifically proven. Some batteries even go beyond the government-mandated safety requirements for batteries, meaning some battery chemistries are slightly safer than others. You must ensure that the solar batteries that you opt for must be safe.


The battery’s chemistry is a primary compound that is used to store the electricity inside the battery. It is the most important characteristic to compare since the battery’s chemistry determines a lot of the characteristics of batteries listed above. For instance, different lithium-ion chemistries may be more power dense, i.e., they store more electricity in a smaller amount of space. In addition, different solar battery chemistries come at different price points.

Apart from solar battery prices, the above-mentioned factors will help you to make an informed buying decision. The best battery depends on many factors, ranging from the solar battery price, and its size to the characteristics of your solar installation. If you want to source lots of appliances, you’ll have to look for a high-capacity battery. These batteries help to pump out electricity for hours on end. On the other hand, if you’re price-conscious and care more about optimizing your solar energy system, a smaller battery with great battery integration may be the best choice.

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