What is the range of a cell tower?

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We often discuss the range of a cell tower (also known as cellular or tower) while using mobiles, or wireless internet. If you’re facing network issues it is just because you are not close to the tower’s capacity and range.

Image of a Cell Tower

So how can we know the range of a cell tower?

The working range of a cell tower is defined as the range within which mobile or internet devices can be connected reliably to the cell tower. However, this range is not fixed and varies as it depends on several factors, including:

  • The actual height of the cell tower and its installed antenna.
  • The allowed frequencies being used by the telecoms.
  • Power facilities available to cell towers.
  • Ambient weather conditions around the cell tower.
  • The direction of the site’s antenna array.
  • Absorption and reflection of radio energy by nearby buildings.
  • Uplink and downlink the data rate of the mobile tower.

In overall value, assume that any cell tower can cover at least 1/3 or 1 kilometer in densely populated regions, and it can cover over 3 kilometers in flat regions.

The closer you are the better coverage and speed you’ll get while users those far away but in the range of towers may get satisfactory coverage.

With newer technologies, we are going to see smaller towers around us. We have seen 5G antennas that so small that it can be installed on any roof.

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