What are the most useful tech skills?

Tech skills are important when you are operating an e-commerce store or similar business. Having these capabilities can drive the success of your organization to levels that you have never seen before. Owning these skills allows you to manage roles in your organization such as mechanics, engineering, finance, and information technology.

Most of the tech tools that exist allow you to collect and analyze data that informs how you design your business strategy. While it is difficult for you to have all the tech skills required to run a successful business you may need to assemble a team.

Tech skills

The value of using a VPN within the company.

When creating a team with varied tech skills, you may want to emphasize the use of a VPN. The application helps users mask IP addresses and encrypt website traffic. The software is compatible and works best for Android, iOS, and Windows, as well as Linux and routers. With a secure VPN, you can enhance your connections so that they are stable, reliable, and faster.

Here are the most useful tech skills that your team should have:

1. Artificial intelligence.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been with us for a while now, and it is slowly changing the business landscape significantly. This technology aims at simulating human intelligence on machines. Currently, there is an increased need for experts in AI because the services they provide are critical for any organization. This technology has been found to:

  • Help businesses automate and optimize their operations
  • Enhance operational efficiencies and productivity
  • Promote quick decision-making through the utilization of cognitive tech solutions

Thus this skill is a must-have in this era.

2. Machine learning.

It is becoming a necessity for e-commerce owners and managers to develop skills or hire people with knowledge of machine learning. Like all other tech tools, machine learning continues to evolve as computing technology grows.

In business particularly e-commerce, entrepreneurs are looking for professionals with such a skill or use machine learning services to help scale up their business and enhance operations globally.

3. Data engineering.

Professionals in this field are expected to build, design, and install systems.

Data engineers create items that are used for data science works, artificial intelligence, and machine learning analytics. For you to thrive as a data engineer, you must know about distributed systems, data warehousing as well as programming languages.

Given the massive advancement in technology, it is expected that the demand for data engineers will continue to go up across all industries.

4. Cybersecurity.

In 2019, system breaches increased by 50%, and companies such as Chipotle, Sony, and LinkedIn got hacked. Given how numerous companies collect sensitive customer data, you must invest in cybersecurity solutions.

You need these skills to protect your systems such as software, hardware, and data from access by unauthorized people. E-commerce is often prone to hacking thus, having cybersecurity expertise is a must for your business.

The person that handles cybersecurity matters in your organization is required to have technical aptitude, good communication skills as well as computer forensics capabilities.

5. Cloud computing.

In the last couple of years, businesses have been shifting from the usage of classical and traditional servers to cloud computing solutions.

It is estimated that public cloud computing services will increase by 17% this year. Among the key skills that professionals in cloud computing should have included networking, storage, Linux, security, and disaster recovery as well as virtualization and web services. Possession of these competencies will make you an expert in matters of cloud computing.

6. Extended reality.

Augmented and virtual reality is becoming a necessity in business. These applications are helping enterprises in entertainment, construction, healthcare, and real estate provide customers with a reality of what the things they are interested in are.

Therefore, possession of competencies in extended reality is necessary for your business to thrive in this competitive industry.

In the next couple of years, there is going to be a higher demand for these talents which makes it relevant for people to start training in these skills.


When you are running e-commerce, these are some of the tech skills that you need to harness for your business to run smoothly. Most of these competencies are things that you learn on your own while some require you to take courses. If you wish to stay in business and ahead of your competition, you should have a couple of these skill sets on your team.

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