Voice input isn’t supported on this browser! Firefox and Google rivalry

There is new issue in Firefox browser when we are using Google services.

Google mic icon

Google and and its services (like Google Translate) do not recognize Mozilla Firefox as a supported browser for voice input. Apparently, Google thinks its browser is the only one capable of recording audio.

Kind of unhealthy way to cut out the competition. But the desperation of Google to capture 100% browser’s market share isn’t old.

Google translate: Voice input is not supported on this browser.

But there is other way we can use it without switching to Chrome. Read on how to use that other way. Use system’s inbuilt voice input.

  • Windows users can use Windows key + H to launch the voice typing.
  • MacOS users need to enable Dictation feature in keyboard settings and then use Function + D to launch the dictation (in other words voice input).

This is it. This is how you can enjoy voice input without using Google’s.

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