• Do ultrawide monitors make a difference?

    Do ultrawide monitors make a difference?

    The landscape of computer displays has evolved significantly over the years, offering users a myriad of options beyond the traditional aspect ratios and sizes. One such innovation that has gained… [read more]

  • What is OSD timeout?

    What is OSD timeout?

    On Screen Display (OSD) is a virtual layer of options that allows us to customize the screening device like Monitors. An OSD menu or option will always appear on top… [read more]

  • What is low input lag in monitors?

    Low input lag is a feature of computer monitors, specially of the high end gaming monitors that minimizes the input lag (increased latency, sluggishness) for fast reactions by reducing the… [read more]

  • How long does LCD Conditioning take?

    How long does LCD Conditioning take?

    LCD Conditioning program is a feature to clear any visual errors, fault, and malfunction in the Dell monitor. However, users often make mistakes by thinking about how long it will… [read more]

  • What is LCD Conditioning?

    What is LCD Conditioning?

    LCD screens are not like CRT monitors. LCD screen uses a panel of pixels to produce the visuals. Over a period of time, such LCD Panels may face “Image Persistence”… [read more]