How to Prevent Your Laptop from Overheating?

Laptop burning hot

Laptop users often complain that their laptop heats too much whenever they kick in some day to day task and always get thought about how to prevent laptops from overheating without causing any more issues. In this article, we’ll see the most common signs of laptop overheating and possible ways to keep your laptop from […]

Do fanless laptops overheat?


No laptop overheats unless you are doing any intensive work or blocking the ventilation points. But fanless laptops are little different, they are made differently that it doesn’t require any sort of cooling fan, instead, fanless architecture utilizes laptop body to deprecate heat. What does a fanless laptop mean? In layman’s term, a laptop with […]

How to fix an overheating laptop?

Fix Overheating Laptop

There are telltale signs that your laptop is overheating and it should be fixed as soon as you can. The most obvious sign is when it’s actually on your lap and you feel the burn! But if your laptop’s fan is unusually loud and spinning at its full load then pay attention to the laptop, […]

Stop your laptop from overheating without cooling pad

Burning Laptop

Out of all the problems that a laptop may incur, overheating is one of the common and serious ones. As it starts burning the main motto of a laptop dies. In fact, the cooling system of laptops is considered quite a significant factor while buying a new laptop. While most of the people don’t even […]