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  • What is GPU rasterization?

    What is GPU rasterization?

    GPU rasterization is a technique used in computer graphics to efficiently convert vector graphics into raster graphics using the parallel processing power of a graphics processing unit (GPU). It is a crucial step in the rendering pipeline for real-time applications like video games, where high frame rates and low latency are essential. The rasterization process […]

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  • Is it safe to enable 4x MSAA?

    In Android mobiles under developer options you may have seen an option to enable and disable 4x MSAA, what is that? Will it improve anything? Is it safe to enable it, or should I keep it disabled? What is MSAA? Multi Sample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) is a type of spatial anti-aliasing, a technique used in computer […]

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  • Is 83°C too hot for a GPU?

    In high-end computers, GPUs easily hit 83 Degree Celsius temperature when you are editing, gaming, or in a rare case mining cryptos. But isn’t this too hot for a GPU? Is 83 GPU temp bad or safe? What is the ideal GPU temperature under load? Technically, if you are not overclocking means you are under […]

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  • Does AMD run hotter than Intel?

    Does AMD run hotter than Intel?

    I’m not a fanboy of AMD products, but this is something which I get bored of recently. Users ask me that why are you suggesting an AMD build which heats up like toaster. In my experience, AMD products do run warmer than Intel, but that doesn’t mean hotter. It is just a couple of celsius […]

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  • What is Above 4G Decoding?

    While digging into the motherboard’s settings it is common to see the Above 4G Decoding option and by default, it is disabled. If you are thinking that at the consumer level you’ll get any benefit of enabling Above 4G Decoding then be alert there because it won’t. So what the heck is Above 4G Decoding? […]

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  • Optimal CPU-GPU temperatures

    Optimal CPU-GPU temperatures

    While working in the computer technology field, most of us care about the life span of our investments made on hardware units like CPU and GPU. If everything is okay and working at their ideal temperature then the life of those hardware units gives their best and lasts very long. So what should be the […]

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