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  • How to fix “Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding Header” warning?

    While optimizing your website for website performance using tools (ex. GTmetrix), you’ll run into a “specify a vary: accept-encoding header” warning. What exactly does this mean? How can we fix this? In this tutorial, we’ll learn what’s the error and how we are going to resolve the issue. What is this warning? Accept-encoding header is […]

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  • How to fix “No Input File Specified” error?

    In a web server, let it be Apache or Nginx, if rewrite rules unable to touch the index file or root file, it shows an error of no input file specified. To fix this error we just need to locate the root location or file. For an instance, we have picked WordPress as a CMS […]

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  • Apache vs. Nginx: Selection of a Perfect Web Server

    Apache vs. Nginx: Selection of a Perfect Web Server

    About Apache and Nginx Both Apache and Nginx is web-server software, that enables us to host website on a public internet. Introduction of Apache Apache is said to be the leading HTTP server software available on the web. It was initially developed and released as an open-source of installation and configuration patches for the NCSA […]

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