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  • Does a fixed deposit counted towards the saving account’s minimum balance?

    No, a fixed deposit does not count towards the minimum balance. I do have to appreciate you, if you come to this article searching such a logical question. The minimum balance requirement is… Read more

  • Choosing business tactics for your future that fit your unique business

    Choosing business tactics for your future that fit your unique business

    We live in an ever-changing world where people frequently have new ideas. Presently, corporations aren’t only on the rise, but small business owners are popping up everywhere as well. In addition to corporations… Read more

  • Double-entry bookkeeping system

    Double-entry bookkeeping system

    The Double Entry Bookkeeping system is scientific, perfect, and a complete method of recording business information in the books of accounts. Generally, in every business transaction, we find two accounts, out of which… Read more

  • What is bookkeeping?

    What is bookkeeping?

    Bookkeeping is a systematic method of keeping and maintaining a record of day to day business transactions in words and figures in the books of accounts so as to show clearly and correctly… Read more

  • Importance of Accounting in Business

    Importance of Accounting in Business

    Are you a business owner? Do you understand accounting? Relax, most business owners aren’t accountants; they rely on skilled professionals to do the numbers for them. However, having a basic understanding of accounting… Read more