Should I buy a 5G mobile now or wait in India?

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In India, 5G achieve a lot of traction, telecom companies are promising that they will launch 5G as soon as spectrum is allocated to them, but the ground reality is totally different. In mid of all, 5G mobiles are hyped and marketed badly as future-ready.


5G will take about 5 years more to be launched successfully as telecom companies are in a huge debt of over more than 7,50,000 Crores as said by Rajan S. Mathews (Director of COAI). Just so you know, there is not even a 5G auction in India yet.

Fact #1: First, the auction will be made, then the spectrum will be sold, from there on tenders will be issued, then network operators will select the best service providers to install the 5G towers. Then actually 5G will be available to us.

Fact #2: ISP (Internet Service Providers) often complain that they have no money and space to install existing 4G towers so where they will install 5G’s expensive towers.

Fact #3: One more thing, in India around 30% of mobile towers are connected to direct fiber optics rest is interconnected and load balanced without wires that lead to a slow network. The 5G tech requires every single tower connected to fiber optics.

Now come to the main topic: should I buy a 5G mobile now or wait?

To be honest…

I’ll recommend waiting. The Indian smartphone market is so hyped that Indians are buying 5G mobiles that are not even completely equipped with all the 5G bands.

If you look at iPhone 12 line which is the expensive 5G mobile in India doesn’t have 5G’s fastest band millimeter-wave but the US version has. This is how we are fooled. The same trick is played by all the mobile brands selling 5G ready mobiles.

In total, you are paying extra just for a mental satisfaction that you are not going to use for more than 2 or 3 years. So decide yourself should you buy a 5G mobile or wait!

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  1. Saurav Bhatia Avatar
    Saurav Bhatia

    Commented on

    You are totally correct Atul, when I read official telecom reports, I always came to the conclusion that the foundation is incapable of managing load. On a 4G network, I hardly get 2 Mb/s where the lowest speed should be above 20 Mb/s. So what I can expect from 5G. Indian telecom companies should focus on improving connectivity rather than investing heavily in 5G.

    1. Atul Kumar Pandey Avatar

      Commented on

      That’s the case with everyone Saurav when you live in a dense area, but 5G technology is the future and our telcos need to work hard to make it work.