Off-Grid vs. On-Grid solar system: What’s better and why?

Solar system is a boon to mankind as it requires only one time investment, and then you are free to use that installed solar capacity of energy for more than 25 years. Since it is one time investment, you should look into the kind of solar tie is better for you, as of now there are two types — off-grid and on-grid.

In this article, I’ll compare both solar system in detail, so you can make a wise decision.

Off-Grid Solar SystemOn-Grid Solar System
IntroductionOff-grid systems allow you to store you solar energy in batteries for later use when the power grid goes down or if you are not on the grid.On-grid systems allow you just solar energy which is attached to mains grid and will only work if there is continuous electricity supply.
BackupOff-grid system will offer you constant backup.On-grid system my go down due to maintenance.
MaintenanceA regular maintenance is needed. Like monthly battery top-ups, and cleaning once in a week.Just cleaning is required once in a week.
Over energyThere is no benefit of over energy generated by solar panels as once battery is charged it will cut it down to ideal mode, pass it to direct load.Over energy production is profitable here, because all the extra energy will be passed to grid and you can use that at night time.
Net meteringIn case of off-grid system net metering is not needed.Net metering is compulsory on the on-grid system.
AvailabilityOff-grid system is possible everywhere.On-grid requires a grid facility, which is not available everywhere but in cities only.
PermissionNo permission needed here.You’ll need to take permission here.
EarningIn off-grid system you can not earn but save a lot of money you pay to electricity board every month.Same here, but some authority or board do pay if you generate too much energy for them.
Installation costInstallation cost is high because you have buy inverters and batteries to operate it.Installation cost is way less if legal work is easy, otherwise the process is hectic for some.
Running costThe off-grid system’s running cost is way higher compared to on-grid, because of batteries.The on-grid system’s running cost is cheap, and on scale gets cheaper, due to no battery use.

In conclusion, I’ll recommend off-grid system over on-grid if you are living where electricity board is incapable to tie the solar system with grid. If you are living in a facility where on-grid is possible, then go with that, try to install as much as big setup you can and trade it with electricity authority or board.

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