How to fix No Account Found in Yono SBI? (Working Solution)

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SBI users can disable/enable/partially enable themselves from all the transaction rights from their Yono SBI mobile banking app to save them from unauthorized transaction. I like this feature for my parents who never operate their mobile banking app and rely on UPI to make the payments.


So to make their account safe from hacks and unauthorized use I disable them for all the transactional rights and enable them when need. But you can enable them again if you wish to enable it.

Let’s see how to enable and disable it step by step.

Step 1: Login to your Yono SBI mobile banking app.

Step 2: Click on Menu option (at top left) and choose Service Request option.

Step 3: Under Service Request screen look for Settings and click on it.

Step 4: Under Settings screen, under Security section click on Manage Transaction Rights.

Yono SBI - Dashboard
Yono SBI - Menu
Yono SBI - Service Request
Yono SBI - Settings

Now here you can enable, disable, or partially enable transaction rights.

But do note that you must have enabled internet banking when you have opened up your account. If you are facing problems like No Account Found then go to branch and tell them to enable it first.

Many new SBI account holders when they started their new account with SBI bank and forget to fill the net banking application along with account opening form can face this issue in Yono SBI mobile banking app “no account found” while changing their privileges. Although you can login and view accounts but you have no transaction rights as you have not opted for online usage.

Once enabled from branch you can disable or enable any time using Yono SBI application.

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