Must Have Plugins for WordPress Website

WordPress is the best CMS for small and medium businesses. Are you looking for the best plugin to use in your WordPress website?

Plugins for WordPress

Here we list down the few plugins which can make your life easier. Choosing the right plugin can help you deliver a better experience for your users.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast SEO is the by far the best SEO plugin for the WordPress. Apart from addition titles & meta descriptions it can also allow you to create a sitemap, do page analysis and much more. It is very easy to setup and installs the WordPress.
W3 Total Cache

Website’s speed is the most important element when visitor glance through the website. If your website loads slow on the desktop and mobile visitor will close and find another one. Site’s speed also play important role in Search engine ranking. W3 Total Cache helps you optimize your WordPress site for performance and speed. It allows you to quickly setup page & browser caching , compare pages for quick downloads and setup CDN (Content Delivery Network).


Email Marketing is considered as a most effective marketing tools for business websites. Optinmonster is the best plugin to help you generate more leads. It allows you to create beautiful popups and opt-in forms for your WordPress website & convert your users into subscribers. It also has a host of other features like page-wise targeting, exit-intent popups, split testing and much more.


If your website has huge traffic Default WordPress Commenting system doesn’t work well. For a larger site with lots of user comments, Discuss Commenting system works like breeze. Disqus is a third party commenting system, which means comments on it will not affect your platform in any way. Disqus doesn’t affect the site speed and comes with anti-spam filters.
Google Analytics

Google analytics is the most detailed and comprehensive analytics tool in the market. In simple words it allows you to see how the visitors are interacting with the site and what they are doing. It will help on optimize the website accordingly to improve the conversion rate.

Login Lockdown

By default, a user can try to login into WordPress admin panel as many time as they want. Most hack attempt usually relies on breaking into your WordPress website’s admin area. Limit login attempts put a limit to login attempts & locks down the admin area for a limited time.
Backup Buddy

There is not the better security of the website than having the latest backup. As a business owner, you cannot lose your data and other sensitive information such as customer’s email address, phone number, order history etc. With BuckpBuddy WordPress plugin taking backups and restoring your WordPress website gets easier with just a few clicks.

Floating Social Bar

Social media are an integral part of digital marketing strategy. Floating social bar is the best social media plugin for WordPress, it allows you to add the only handful of social networks that really matter. This plugin is highly optimized for speed so that your social buttons don’t slow down the speed of the website.


Keeping your followers engaged on social media is really important from the business perspective. Buffer allows you to easily schedule your post for the entire day/week. This allows you to keep your social media account active while you work on the more important thing.


There are many plugins in WordPress directory, but we should only use which does not eat up the server and does it job very well. Also consider the plugin with 4 – 5 star ratings only because they worth to install as others are recommended it via giving star ratings.

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