Massive Mistakes in Marketing You Must Avoid

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Mistakes in marketing can cost your business a fortune in profit and have a long-lasting impact on your business brand. Here are some of the errors that you can’t afford to slip up on when promoting your company.

Massive Mistakes in Marketing

Looking in the Wrong Place

One of the key errors you can make with marketing is focusing on the wrong place. Take Facebook as an example of social media. Facebook has somewhere around 2 billion active users per month. That’s great, but it doesn’t mean you should focus the bulk of your campaign on that channel. After all, it’s possible that your audience isn’t really interested in Facebook at all. This will be the case if you’re trying to attract a younger demographic. They’re far more likely to be on Instagram. This platform has just passed the one billion active users monthly mark. But, if that’s where your audience is then that’s where should you be focusing your time and your money.

The trick is to complete the necessary research. Don’t make assumptions about your audience. You need to build up a solid concept of who they are, their likes and dislikes or essentially what makes them tick.

Narrowing Your Field

You don’t want to make your marketing campaign too narrow. Yes, do make sure that you target the right channels but you should also be using a few different techniques. For instance, just because you are using content marketing that doesn’t mean that you should avoid the option of hiring an AdWords agency. Both can be effective and can form a larger more connected marketing campaign.

It’s even possible to set up an omnichannel marketing strategy. This is essentially where one form of marketing can play into the other. It can hit multiple channels and help you establish a killer campaign that is immersive and exciting.

Failing to Have an Ear on the Ground

Or rather, on the keyboard. If your brand is even remotely popular, people are going to be talking about it online quite often. They can be posting both positive and negative things on social media. Hopefully, you’ve already avoided the first mistake we mentioned and you now know where your clients and customers are. Once you have discovered your audience, you then need to keep track. You need to keep a check on mentions of your business brand online. It’s worth noting that this can be completed manually. But it’s far easier if you use an automated solution.

You’ll be able to keep a focus on how your business is performing without spending hours at a time on this process. This also provides you with a fantastic and crucial opportunity to respond to bad buzz. This not only narrows the impact of a bad review, but it also shows potential customers the people behind your brand.

Failing to Ask for Reviews

Finally, we’ll leave you with a fairly basic yet effective piece of advice. Make sure you ask for reviews from customers. Politely nudge them in the direction of Google business. A company without reviews is going to have trouble with promoting the brand. Over 80% of customers will check reviews before they even consider purchasing from your business.

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