Is it harmful to stay near mobile towers?

You must have heard of the most common statement from numerous selves that it is harmful to stay near, sometimes around the mobile towers as their antennas constantly emit dangerous and harmful radiation. Some even say it can cause serious health issues and is most commonly cancer. But this is the biggest myth of all time.

Honestly, there is no solid evidence or study that demonstrates how a mobile tower is dangerous to us unless you are directly hugging the radio antennas. Still, I think more research and extensive technical analysis are needed to be 100% sure. At this moment there is no decent case study that exhibits how it is dangerous.

Image of a Cell Tower

But what about birds and other living organisms disappearing slowly?

Here again, I will not say that mobile towers are the only and most highlighting reason. Talking about facts, we are exposed to much-much powerful radiations than what modern-day 5G towers are going to emit, and what is that?

It’s our SUN.

These WhatsApp university idiots don’t know that the countless times more strong rays are hitting the earth’s surface each second with negligible effect on the living organisms. Coming to birds and other living organisms, they are disappearing because we human beings become selfish and our garbage is causing this.

Those who work in this field, whose main job is to do all the maintenance work of cell towers claim that most of the statements are false. I even talked to an aged and experienced technician (male 57) who is about to retire in three years, and he clearly also said that the energy of radiofrequency waves given off by mobile towers is not enough to damage chemical bonds in DNA molecules.

When I asked about his health, his medical condition is very well with no sign of cancer.

The fact is radio waves used in mobile towers are under safe limits. Even mobile tower facility is safe from those radio waves. Over that, antennas are placed at a very high height so there are no harmful radiations on a distanced ground level or around us. The radio antenna is the rectangular hardware we see fixed on the mobile tower. Below that facility, everything is hard-wired and the radiation levels are completely normal.

To be honest, if you hug that antenna directly then only you are exposed to any harmful radio waves and that too affects you once you are exposed for a very very long time.

So what about those who live in a building that has mobile tower antennas on the roof?

Mobile towers installed on the building are very common these days. If you are living on the top floor of a building that has antennas on the roof, don’t worry, you are safe too.

But know the rules.

  • The radiation level should be way less compared to dedicated mobile towers.
  • The on-roof mobile tower requires multiple approvals, even from all the members.

You can always make sure that the radiation level supplied from your building is under safety levels. Make sure the distance between the antenna and your floor more than 25 feet. Usually, mobile or telecom companies will install their antennas on a stand that has a height of around 15-20 feet or more.

What about 5G networks?

We’ve seen 1G, 2G, 3G, even 4G, and all the time use of radio frequency is increasing so the radiation level. What about the upcoming 5G network. It is going to be installed on a mass scale. Yet another bomb of Questions!

The fifth generation of the mobile network is being rolled out. Many countries have adopted this technology, while many of them are still upgrading to it and our concern about cell towers never ends.

Watch the video of ElectroBOOM (made by Mehdi Sadaghdar), he’s explained the 5G network and the radiations.

In the above video, Mehdi Sadaghdar explains, cell tower radiations are not harmful unless you hug them directly which I have explained earlier. This clears our doubt and myth about the radio waves of cell towers.

This is it, in conclusion, we see just common myths roaming around us about cell towers. The answer is NO, it is not dangerous to stay near a mobile tower. You have the right to ask anything telecoms.

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