Internet Service Providers in Ghatkopar West

Ghatkopar west is well known and busy location where you’ll find various internet service providers. Here in this article I’ll be sharing some of the famous ISP which you’ll find helpful if you are search for broadband and fiber optics internet solution.

Airtel Broadband

Airtel is the big player here and mostly available in roadsides and corporate buildings. If you are a business user and located in a high class area, you’ll find Airtel best solution for internet.

Rionet Innovative Broadband

Covering mostly Powai area, but have some decent coverage in Ghatkopar west locations too.

Rionet Innovative Broadband is a highly rated ISP in Ghatkopar west area. Usually they have adopted only fiber optics solution which made their customers more satisfied with the speed they are getting in.

MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited)

Backed by Government, MTNL never lag behind, although their registration process and installation is a hectic job for most consumers and even businesses, but they are the most promising ones in terms of service.

If MTNL just change the behaviors of their staff, they will soon achieve the highest ratings.

Genstar Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Genstar Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is also an old player in the internet business. But they are very slow and downtimes are more frequent if you are a distanced customer.

I-ON Broadband

I-ON Broadband, known for Gigabit internet connection, has a very good coverage in Maniklal area. The only issue is they have their coverage in most buildings only. Their customer service is decent too.

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