Huge causes of stress in the workplace

Everyone experiences stress at one time or another, especially when at work. While a little workplace stress is normal and sometimes even helpful, excessive stress can cause problems for your business. The physical and emotional toll that it takes on your team will impact their performance, and, therefore, the company as a whole. As an employer, it is up to you to make your employees feel good.

Stress in the Workplace

With that in mind, here are six causes of stress you must tackle.

1. Long daily commutes.

Some people are lucky enough to bag a great job just down the road. However, many others must commute each morning and evening, driving for hours every time. This can leave your employees frustrated and exhausted before they even set foot through the office doors. By letting your teamwork from home, you eliminate the need for them to commute.

2. Untidy work area.

The environment where you work can impact your mood significantly. Even a little clutter will cause stress, resulting in a loss of productivity and creativity. While you can easily clean clutter away, you need to combat the cause of the mess. In an office space paper can pile up quickly, so you may want to get rid of your filing cabinets and store your documents on the cloud instead.

3. Limited staff training.

Even a qualified hire can’t walk into a new job knowing how to do it. As their employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that they’re taught. Unless you already have training materials, you should find top custom eLearning content providers to create courses for you. If you don’t provide this training, your staff might blame themselves for the work that they can’t do.

4. Too heavy workload.

There is only so much work a person can take before burning out. When facing a busy period in your business, rather than piling work onto your staff, you should bring in additional help. When hiring temporary staff, you must make sure that they go through the same hiring process as everyone else. After all, if you hire the wrong person, they could cause more harm than good.

5. Bad colleague relationships.

No business exists for its employees to make friends. However, your team will work more productively together if they all do get along. When an employee falls out with another, it can cause problems for the entire workforce, not just the parties involved. This is why you should deal with conflicts as soon as you can and get involved in team-building activities and days.

6. Job loss fear.

Employers let team members go for many different reasons. Sometimes, it’s because the employee made a mistake, while other times it’s the result of lack of funds. Whatever reason you might have for firing a staff member, it can make all of the others fear that the same will happen to them. You can reassure these employees this won’t happen during performance reviews.

Keep workplace stress from becoming a problem in your business by combating the causes listed above.

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