How to make sure that the hybrid work model works for you?

Increased work flexibility is the new black in the world of business. According to some studies, remote or hybrid work arrangements have climbed on employees’ wishlist after many enjoyed flexibility and work autonomy while working from home during the pandemic.

If you want to join numerous companies that offer hybrid work arrangements to beat the competition and attract and retain top talent, you need to find out how to make this desirable work model work for your employees and your business alike.

Hybrid workstyle

Here are some steps you can take to create an optimal hybrid work environment for your remote and office-based teams, helping your employees adjust to it effectively.

Embrace effective remote onboarding practices.

One of the greatest worries managers face when it comes to switching to hybrid work is that their remote employees may have trouble learning the ropes about their roles and company culture while working out of the office. This is why you should make their onboarding process your top priority. Your remote employees may feel isolated from their office-based colleagues so you need to devise a detailed one-month onboarding plan to make them feel comfortable doing their job and welcomed to the team.

This said newcomers to your company should never be left alone during the first month. Make sure to fill their onboarding plans with daily activities and meetings with colleagues from different teams to help them build their network and understand how things work in the company.

You should also assign an onboarding buddy to each new employee to check on them daily and help them cope with your business practices and the tools they need to use to get work done. Also, these onboarding buddies should integrate new employees culturally, introduce them to others, making them feel included and welcome.

When you’re running a hybrid workplace, your remote teams rely heavily on advanced digital solutions that keep them connected with other employees and in sync with everything related to their work and goals.

While using effective tools is crucial for running a functional hybrid workplace, many companies fail miserably to provide IT support while onboarding new employees. This mistake can contribute to a poor first impression, making it hard for newcomers to connect with others and tune into the workflow.

If you want your remote onboarding process to go smoothly, give access to all digital solutions and essential IT support so that your onboarding employees can do their job efficiently.

Make sure your remote employees’ work is seen and appreciated.

Office-based employees can talk to their managers in person and showcase their achievements whenever they want. For this reason, many remote workers may fear that their work and effort may go unnoticed, resulting in getting biased performance evaluations or fewer career development opportunities.

If you want to run a productive hybrid workplace, you need to treat all your employees equally, showing your remote employees that you keep track of their work, and recognize their achievements.

And how can you do this effectively?

Advanced employee monitoring software is a tool that can help you track your employees’ work wherever they are. You can use these track records to make objective, data-based evaluations, giving your remote employees equal chances for promotion and recognition. By doing this, you’ll increase their productivity, engagement, and satisfaction.

Many managers who started using employee trackers during the pandemic soon found out that they didn’t have to hover over their employees all the time to measure their productivity. The employee tracking data can show you how your employees spend their time at work. You can see what apps and tools they tend to use daily and the time they spend on various projects, measure their productivity, and keep track of their attendance.

You can use the deeper insight into the way your employees work to reward overachievers or give support to those who may struggle with their workload.

Final words.

A hybrid work arrangement is gaining traction rapidly. And this work model may become a standard l rather than a perk in the near future.

So, if you want to prepare your company for the future of work, follow these steps and rely on advanced technology to create a productive hybrid work environment based on inclusivity and equity between office-based and remote employees.

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