How to overcome the negative work environment?

Did you know that people are more productive, creative and collaborative when they are happy at work?

A big fat check might not be enough to enhance productivity.

It appears we work harder when we are satisfied. According to a study conducted by economists at the University of Warwick happiness makes staff about 12% more productive.

In a nutshell, employee happiness is so much more than financial incentives. For instance, Google invested more in employee support and as a result work staff satisfaction rose 37%!

Negative Work Environment

So, how to establish and maintain a healthy, friendly and supportive work environment? Here are 5 essential tips to overcome the negative work environment in startup and emerging companies.

1. Encourage healthy conflicts and debates.


Although you may dread the word itself, conflicts aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Healthy conflicts and constructive debates can actually lead to the elimination of negativity and result in better relationships and improved atmosphere at work.

It is only natural for some tensions to arise and different opinions to emerge from time to time. Cultivating healthy conflict resolution is the key to promoting a positive work environment. The trick is to focus on finding solutions and achieving a better insight into another person’s perspective.

The presence of opposing views on any given issue should be observed as a chance for progress and change.

This way the ideas and opinions can flow and employees feel the freedom to exchange their different points of view without fear that they will be misunderstood.

2. Benefits of physical activity during the work hours.


Integrating physical activity into work routine enhances productivity and increases staff motivation. Employees’ health impacts their company’s performance to a great extent.

That is why many companies have developed corporate wellness programs. A study shows that workers who exercised performed significantly better. Their mood improved and they were better at handling challenges at work.

It is not unusual for office workers to experience back pain and shoulder stiffness due to unnatural posture while working.

Pain and discomfort resulting from sitting at a desk for 8 or more hours a day can get in the way of productivity.

Some beneficial effects of stretching exercises include muscle soreness relief, reduced fatigue and the tension caused by stress.

Balance ball chairs can also help improve the posture of the office staff. A demanding workload and short deadlines ultimately take their toll on employees, negatively affect their mood, and decrease motivation. Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises help in alleviating stress, removing mental barriers, and improving the focus and concentration.

Collective physical activity promotes team spirit as it creates an opportunity for staff to bond in a fun and relaxed environment. Taking just ten minutes during work hours to practice yoga or stretching exercises leads to lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone and subjective feeling of stress.

In the end, it’s good for business.

3. The importance of transparency.


Being open and honest with your employees about what you expect of them, what they are doing right and what they may not be doing properly creates an atmosphere of transparency and trust.

If you are concerned about the performance of an employee, addressing the issue in an open but respectful way creates trust and results in a better work environment.

Providing company updates and allowing open communication between the staff and management can prevent uncertainty and frustration within the workforce.

When people feel something is going on behind the scenes they can become suspicious, distrustful and in the end, disengaged.

Providing complete transparency is crucial in creating trust and you can really get the grip on the overall attitude of the staff. This gives you space to change things before the negative atmosphere starts affecting staff members and their performance.

Also, it allows you to react immediately and resolve issues as they emerge since the employees won’t hesitate to approach you and be honest about the problem.

4. Adjust your hiring process to encourage a positive work environment.


Hiring confident and optimistic people with a positive outlook on challenges will help you achieve the work atmosphere you desire and as a result, your company will thrive.

Since personalities impact organizational success, it’s a good idea to consider including personality assessments into the hiring process to detect negative personalities you want to avoid in your team.

People who tend to focus on the problem instead of seeking a solution can be poisonous to the work environment.

5. Nurture optimism.


Encouraging positivity and hope rather than cultivating fear and a pessimistic attitude can minimize or eliminate negativity in the work environment.

Promoting optimism and hiring the workforce focused on seeking solutions when faced with a challenge will move your startup forward.

Instead of letting them spend their time worrying about or dreading a potentially negative outcome, assist your employees in shifting their mindset towards a positive perspective on a challenge and encourage them to find solutions and resolve various issues that come along.

Investing in the training and personal growth of your employees might be the best moves you can make when it comes to developing your startup.

Starting a company is challenging in many ways. As is creating a healthy and productive work environment. A harmonious work environment is more productive as it draws the best out of your team and allows them to achieve excellence.

These simple tips can help you prevent negativity in your work environment and boost the growth of your startup.

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