How to optimize your website?

Many people use search engines to find companies and products nowadays. Approximately 60% of all consumers use Google to find companies, and more than 80 percent result in in-store visits and direct sales. Optimizing a website enables you to remain on the top of these searches.

Optimize your website

The following are five steps you can use to optimize your business website.

Keyword research.

Optimization starts with keyword research. You need to understand your keywords and the current search landscapes. This is essential in developing your marketing strategy and restructuring the strategy.

When using a Google Keyword Planner, start with your location and industry. This tool will then provide you with various search terms, how frequently they are searched, and the completion level of those words. It is also crucial to find several keywords for your company that has competition and high search numbers.

Develop great content based on your keywords.

Since content forms, the foundation of duct tape marketing strategy, posting frequent content helps a website show up on many searches. When creating your content, you need to focus on your keywords. The content should focus on reaching many individuals searching for it. Use the keywords as the foundation for your content ideas.

Speed it up because speed is now a ranking factor.

Nowadays, Google doesn’t encourage slow-running websites. Therefore, you should ensure that your website is up to speed. Fortunately, there is a tool for making this happen. Google Speed Insight gives suggestions on how to speed up the page, but it doesn’t indicate whether the page is running slow.

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It is essential to do this frequently and follow the suggestions provided by the tool. Since your activities on the website can slow it down, you should avoid penalties due to slow speed.

Use landing pages.

Your landing pages should also focus on your keywords. When creating a landing page for a new service or product, you should consider working with the most relevant keyword for your product or service in the title and body of the landing page. If you think several keywords apply to this product or service, you should consider multiple pages, with each landing page focusing on a single keyword. Do this frequently.

Since this may slow your website, ensure you delete low-performing pages.

Update the page titles.

Many company owners use their business names as their page titles. Although this is a great method to optimize a business website, it may not be very effective sometimes.

Top SEO agency Calgary suggests that a perfect search name typically follows the city and the service. It would help if you considered changing the page titles to comprise your keyword, which may be your company name and top keyword. However, you may use other creative ways, like incorporating a slogan that has the keyword.

By following the above tips, a website can continuously deliver an optimal result. You should evaluate the results based on what works and what doesn’t.

However, it would help if you did not rely on the above tips only since SEO is a broad and evolving strategy.

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