How to learn a new language by yourself at home?

You learn a new language by talking to people, listening to music, reading literature, and writing short articles.

By reading books you develop your vocabulary while writing helps you to put down your thoughts in a much coherent manner. Learning a new language (especially Asian Languages) that is not your first language can take some time. However, if you do it right then you can learn the language in just a few weeks especially if it is English or any European language. With the advent of technology now you can learn any language sitting in your home.

Learn a new language

People around the world who want to learn a new language can learn by themselves if they are willing to follow and implement the following 8 tips.

1. Start with entertainment (movies, music, and TV shows).

Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to learn a new language is by watching movies, TV shows, and listening to the music of different genres in that particular language.

When I started learning French I downloaded all the classical movies, old and new then-popular French TV shows both Sitcom and Drama. Then I binged watched them for over a year. I consumed as much French content as I can.

I also downloaded movie and TV Show play scripts to understand new words which I didn’t know earlier.

Next, I started listening to all kinds of music like rock & roll, pop, classical, metal, etc with lyrics. Without lyrics, you will not be able to understand even a word because of their accent.

This is how you get started learning a new language.

2. Hanging with friends.

A man is known by the company he keeps. The more you speak the language the faster you learn.

Surround yourself with friends who speak the language you want to learn. Avoid friends who speak some other language rather than the language you want to learn.

You can take part in debates and group discussions about a particular subject with them. Don’t be afraid of talking, speak the language even if it is broken. This is the only way you are going to learn. You can also make new friends online and chat/talk with them in person via Zoom. Stay in touch with them on the Internet.

3. Listen to Radio, YouTube, and Podcasts.

If you are online then don’t waste your time watching pranks or cute animal videos. Listen to video podcasts of famous personalities on radio and YouTube.

Listen to their videos that are political in nature, videos and shows that talk about popular culture and society in general. I recommend you especially listen to political commentators from the country you are learning the new language. Target that particular country. Learn everything about their history, politics, culture, economy, etc.

Short documentaries of length 20 minutes are the best ones.

Although listening to videos other than entertainment requires a lot of patience. However, you must go through it.

4. Reading literature.

To further embellish the language you can read their literature.

For example, if you are learning English as a new language then read fiction, poems, novels, short stories written by famous writers like Shakespeare, Dickens, George Orwell, Milton, Robert Frost, etc.

You don’t have to read every writer, you just have to choose a few of them and read their work. But if you find reading too boring and monotonous then you don’t have to. You can apply various other easy and effective ways to learn the language.

People with backgrounds in arts and humanities can surely skip this tip.

5. Join a speaking course online.

If you are too lazy and don’t want to implement the above-mentioned tips then you can join a language speaking course online. Such a course will help you learn the language in a more systematic manner. Under the correct guidance of an instructor, you will be forced to learn the language effectively. You simply can’t escape the rigorous training.

You also have to pass some tests in order to get a certificate online. However, you have to pay a fee and also take some of your precious time off to attend coaching classes online.

Make sure you join a course that is renowned and offered by some of the best online institutes.

6. Writing an article or essay daily.

Just reading, listening, or talking is not enough to learn a new language. If you want to master the language then write more often. I would recommend you start a personal diary or a blog where you can write about your daily life and activities. Write short stories about incidents that impacted you and had a lasting effect on your mind.

Just a 500~600 word-long article or essay would be more than enough.

Initially, you would find it very difficult to write down your thoughts especially in a new language. But after some time you will be able to write with greater ease.

7. Make best use of technology, apps.

The use of technology can make your learning efforts all fun and games.

For example, if you want to play crossword puzzles in a particular language then you don’t need a newspaper, you can download the app on your phone and play all day online.

Similarly, there are other board games that can help to brush up on the language.

You can download all the apps and software suits that are dedicated to learning a new language.

Technology can also help you connect with people and tutors around the world who can teach the new language online.

8. Finally, take a trip to an English-speaking country.

If you have implemented all of the above points and have still not been able to learn the language then you can take a trip to that particular country.

When you talk to native speakers who speak the language you will learn it very quickly and easily. The best way to learn any language or understand a culture is through traveling to that country and meeting new people. In my case, I traveled to France and met as many people as I can. Not everyone can afford to visit a new country but if you can then you can learn the language in just a few weeks.

9. Learn from language experts.

Consider learning a new language from home with personalized instruction from a native-speaking tutor. Online language courses offered by language training services can provide this and offer over 100 languages to choose from. You can easily find a course that suits your needs and interests and schedule classes at your convenience. This flexible approach allows you to fit language learning into your busy schedule and enjoy the comfort of learning from home. If you want an effective way to learn a new language, learn with Language Trainers and explore their online language courses.


So these were 8 ways to learn a new language by you at home. Except for the last point, all others can be implemented from the comfort of your home.

To learn a new language you just need a computer or a phone with an internet connection.

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