How to Enable HTTP/2 on NGINX?


The experimental support for HTTP/2 became available in Nginx since the mainline version 1.9.5 and with the help of SSL it is really easy to enable it, I’ll show you how enable HTTP/2 on Nginx.

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If you’re already running SPDY on your web server already, please note that the SPDY module have been replaced with the HTTP/2 module in Nginx. Fortunately, to run HTTP/2 you just need to upgrade to Nginx 1.9.5 or later and replace spdy with http2 on your listen directive line.

First check whether Nginx is compiled with HTTP/2 or not.

nginx -V

Make sure you can find --with-http_v2_module somewhere in that output. If you are not seeing this then you need to upgrade Nginx to latest version.

Now we just need to just a single word to your Nginx config.

Open the server block config for your HTTPS site (all implementations of HTTP/2 require HTTPS), and change this line:

listen 443 ssl;


listen 443 ssl http2;

now real your configuration so Nginx apply these settings.

service nginx reload

Now you have successfuly enabled HTTP/2 on Nginx, all you need to do is now test your app’s or website’s speed and performance.

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