How to disable lazy load in WordPress?

WordPress in its 5.5 version introduced lazy loading of images natively without the need for an external plugin. Since modern browsers already allow this lazy loading feature, WordPress added support for that loading tag.

To achieve this lazy loading of images all you need to do is insert the loading=”lazy” tag inside the image tag as mentioned below:

<img src="" loading="lazy" />

This feature is useful to many websites, but some sites do not want to use this feature. Sites like images and wallpapers site often avoid lazy load feature.

To disable lazy loading just add the below code in theme’s function.php file.

Note: Always make a backup your site if you don’t know what you are doing!

add_filter( 'wp_lazy_loading_enabled', '__return_false' );

Once the above code is added, just clear the cache and visit the site’s front end. Now the tag of the lazy load is gone and none of the images is lazy loading.

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