How to always stay energetic and productive?

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For someone living a busy life and whose operations are based on tight schedules, it is possible to get worn out.

No matter how industrious one is, if they do not take deliberate measures to remain energized and refreshed, their productivity can be compromised.

Even the top performers in the workplace get burnouts which are great enemies of overall progress.

Always Stay Energetic and Productive

The following are five tips on how you can remain energetic and productive all day:

1. Healthy eating.

A proper goes a long way in ensuring that your energy levels remain steady.

Apart from the energy to do manual work, your brain needs enough glucose to function well. That means that your glucose level should neither be too high nor too low. This ensures that your brain has a consistent reserve to fuel it and provide long-term mental energy.

To maintain this healthy balance, diets experts propose a low-glycemic diet which comprises of:

  • Fresh fruits: Fruits like bananas, apples, and cherries contain good concentrations of sugars
  • Proteins: Lean proteins include lean cuts of poultry, beef, fish, and pork.
  • Vegetables: Most popular vegetables will help you to build long-term willpower. However, the root-based vegetables take this function a notch higher. These include carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, and also onions.
  • Nuts: Those that are high in omega-3 and fatty acids like cashew nuts are more preferable.

2. Prioritize your sleep.

Some people think that sleep is a waste of time but this is far from the truth. They are so occupied with activities around the clock and for them sparing some time to sleep is such a struggle. Their minds are always occupied with the next deal to close and they find satisfaction in that.

However, the lack of enough and fulfilling sleep can build up long-term liabilities for you both physically and psychologically. Improve your sleep and consequently your productivity in the following ways:

  • Go to bed reasonably early: It is possible for you to be so busy that you always find yourself going to bed late. However, with proper planning and deliberate measures, you can train yourself to sleep earlier.
  • Keep the room dark: Sleeping in a completely dark room leads to this deep kind of sleep that is more satisfying and helps one to avoid extending their sleep time.
  • Work on a reserve: It has been said that if you get some extra sleep over the weekend, you build an energy reserve to take you comfortably through the week.
  • Try napping: Consider taking a nap during the day where possible. Naps will help you to rejuvenate and this will boost your productivity.

3. Do exercise.

Keeping your body in motion through exercise has many health benefits. It will keep you happy and energized especially if you remain consistent.

Some people think they are too busy to exercise. However, this does not have to be complicated or eat so much into your time. Sparing only twenty minutes out of your busy schedule to exercise goes a long way to re-energizing you.

If you are always feeling tired, then setting your body to motion might be what you need to get your vigor back. Apart from your body, your brain also gets an energy boost as your blood flow increases. Fitness professionals from thesis help companies say that exercise does not have to be strenuous but rather consistent.

The following are simple exercises that you can make part of your daily routine:

  • Running or jogging: A slow refreshing run will help you to stretch your body wholesomely. Also finding a cool environment to do this gives you time to engage your mind and find some inner refreshing.
  • Body stretches: As the name suggests, they help you to get your muscles stretched and this releases incredible energy. In this category is some yoga moves that give your body some good balance.
  • Swimming: This is both refreshing and also an energy stimulator. Your full body muscles are involved in this kind of exercise.

4. Make and track your progress.

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. This means even in your work, your focus should not be on perfection but rather on progress.

To remain productive and energized, learn to keep your spirits high. This is through celebrating every milestone and motivating yourself to move to the next level. One way to do this is by keeping a journal of your goals and accomplishments however small they may seem.

Your long-term goals will be achieved as you complete small tasks and achieve short-term goals. As you watch your to-do list getting smaller by the day, you are motivated to do better.

Even when you are working on a huge project, do not wait until you have all that you need, start off with what you have. Procrastination is a confirmed enemy of progress and it can affect your productivity negatively.

Keeping your priorities in order is another way to boost your productivity and keep your energy levels steady. Different tasks have different deadlines and urgency and this means you cannot put the cart before the oxen and expect to achieve satisfying results.

Do the right thing at the right time to avoid the unnecessary last-minute rush that will definitely drain your energy. There is a natural tendency to wait until everything is perfect to start off.

However, perfection is an illusion and those who desire to remain productive are not trapped by it. Dive into the action and let things unfold as you progress.

5. Utilize your want-power.

Sometimes it is possible to be caught up in this kind of a rollercoaster where you find yourself doing things not because you want, but because you feel like you have to. This could be for reasons ranging from the need for finances, recognition, or just a mere desire to remain occupied.

However, productivity does not thrive in such an environment. There is some power that comes with doing what you want and wanting what you do. This can only be cultivated and sustained from the inside.

You need to get to a point where you look forward to waking up so that you can do what you enjoy doing. This by itself will give you such an energy boost and consequently keep your productivity high and steady.

Below are two ways in which you can activate and sustain your want-power:

  • Find a daily inspiration: You could be doing everything right but if you do not have a genuine desire to do something, there are productivity barriers you will not break. This self-drive triggers your brain to release some kind of power that sets you up for great performance.
  • Have reminders: For you to start and complete tasks in good time, you may need to deliberately set some reminders. This will help you to keep time and avoid unnecessary omissions. You can do this by setting reminder alarms on your gadgets or having sticky notes right in front of your desk.

Final remarks.

Being all busy and working round the clock is not necessarily a mark of productivity. Keeping your energy levels high and being fruitful takes more than just a tight schedule. Take time to relax, have healthy meals and celebrate your milestones as discussed above.

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  1. Rocco Msing Avatar
    Rocco Msing

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    Hi Atul, I would like to thank you for writing and publishing such an energetic post on productivity again.

    I am really a fan of yours now. Frankly speaking, I would like to add one more line in the first heading about not eating junk food. Because I have personally felt this many times that eating junk food can quickly lose your alertness at work; energy and productivity both will drop. So the health.

  2. Lukasz Avatar

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    Practicing mediation daily is one of the best things we can do to be energized all day. I recently started meditation and have already seen the results. Seriously we all should do meditation and I am agree with you on this as it just costs 20 to 30 minutes of the day which we waste on many unnecessary things.