How to schedule your rest time?

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As an intuitive business coach, who likes to help entrepreneurs make better decisions. Helping ambitious folks move away from being run by their businesses (it’s so easy to let that happen) and instead to make thoughtful, wise decisions about how to work and live in a way that fits with the “soul-whispers” we so often ignore.

Here’s a great reminder about scheduling rest time.

Schedule Your Rest Time

I primarily work with entrepreneurs who are feeling overwhelmed by trying to ‘get it all done’ in a day. One of my passions is helping people to get out of this feeling of overwhelm. One of the ways I do this is through getting creative with how we perceive and manage our time.

I love to help people boost their time management skills as a way of seeing where they can fit more time for themselves in a day. The joy some people experience once they recognize how much time they really have in a day is pretty exciting to witness.

What people tend to forget, however, is this: Your calendar is yours. It’s yours!

That time in those spaces in the calendar, it’s all yours, and it’s all yours to choose how to use it. It is your time. You can take time back under your control.

I know for many people, the calendar is an overwhelming thing. It is a thing to be filled up and then adhered to strictly. It is perceived as a non-malleable tool that you must follow – or beware of the consequences.

I want you to know that your calendar is not meant to be a thundercloud. It’s meant to be a gentle breeze, a tool for you to use to maximize the joy in your life.

As you begin to see your calendar as your friend, not foe, I encourage you to schedule rest into your days. Yes, you read that right: Actually put rest times on your calendar.

Rest is so important in our days, and yet, for so many of us, we simply fail to prioritize it.

I absolutely put rest on my calendar. Even just five-minute blocks, here and there, or perhaps fifteen minutes in the afternoon, to rest and do something I enjoy has profound results on my productivity.

Rest times are where we truly get to listen to ourselves. To hear what we need. To hear what our next steps might be creative. To nourish our bodies, minds, spirits on a deep level.

As entrepreneurs, it is vital that we take care of ourselves. And as entrepreneurs with fully loaded calendars, all the more reason to consciously schedule rest into our days.

I love creating my calendar, and I love it, even more, when I know I am creating a calendar that truly resonates with me. Scheduling in rest, and invitations to pause, are little gifts we give ourselves each day.

The days are gone when the busy-busy-busy, go-go-go mentality was what we needed to have to be successful.

These days, I know for myself, and my clients, we are seeking a much more manageable pace of life. We want to have thriving businesses, sure, but we want to have time to smell the flowers, play with the kids, and dance or meditate while we do it.

We became entrepreneurs because we love our freedom and we want to do what we want when we want, right?

Your calendar is the tool that can make that happen for you.

This is My Invitation to You!

Embrace your calendar, love filling it up, and fill it up with joy and space for rest.

Schedule your pauses. Five minutes, fifteen minutes, half an hour, two-hour blocks!

Your calendar is yours. Own it and fill it lovingly with your life.

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