How technology affects process servers?

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Some technologies are helping the legal profession and process servers. These include artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and surveillance devices. They are helping with compliance and tackling regulations more effectively and efficiently in terms of court deadlines, client communications, and offender manhunts.

The legal profession has been considered an institution that keeps the same processes but just adds extra laws. Recent technologies have therefore been seen as major developments to the industry.

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We shall then consider how technology is making a difference for firms such as Process Servers Colorado Springs.

Customer service and AI.

In terms of process servers providing better customer service, AI will allow those in Colorado Springs and elsewhere to take advantage of features such as online Chatbots. These will manage many queries at once. They eliminate the need to employ lots of telephonists or staff checking emails to filter calls or requests for legal information at busy times.

TAR tools.

TAR tools that include predictive coding will be utilized to review information in real-time. This allows those in the legal profession, including process servers, to identify any potential risks at an earlier stage, and so advise their clients more wisely about the legal problems before they are likely to occur.


Those connected with legal protection matters will leverage technology such as blockchain to simplify their transactional work. Documents, for instance, can be digitally signed and legal agreements securely stored.

By using text that is scripted, together with smart contracts and automated contract management, firms can reduce the significant amounts of time that would otherwise be spent preparing, personalizing, and maintaining standard legal documents and adhering to requirements.


When we talk about technology and the process server we cannot, of course, ignore the technology that is used in surveillance. Wireless technology is, for instance, invaluable when it comes to installing cameras that are not detected by those that they are supposed to find out as cheats.

Forever longer lenses on cameras and the ability of digital technology to instantly send a camera image anywhere in the world are useful for a process server that is attempting to identify a target that they are to bring to justice on behalf of their client. That is whether they are a law enforcement department or an individual.

Someone trying to escape a process server would prefer not to know that there is technology on the side of the process server. This is because it can make it easier to track someone down. There are ways of following someone’s progress throughout the country using their bank and phone records. A location can be established, and phone conversations can be tapped into. The technology is there for that when law enforcement agencies require it.

CCTV cameras are a technology that helps determine someone’s whereabouts and so will be an ally when it comes to process servers tracking down those trying not to be found.

Knowledge of technology.

It is also important for process servers in areas such as Colorado Springs to know about technology when it comes to its involvement in criminal cases. There are an increased number of crimes being committed using technology. This makes it important for everyone in the legal sector to have an awareness of computer software and how it can be misused as well as used.

Embracing technology will mean the efficient running of a process server’s business when it comes to how they interact with clients and law enforcement agencies. Continually advancing technology is therefore not only used in high-tech surveillance but also for the efficient running of customer service operations. It is a means of streamlining operations where there will be paperwork and documents of a legal nature involved.

It is a case of Big Brother is watching you and helping you out.

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